Rumor: Current Palm Pre and Pixi Models to Receive HP webOS 2.1 Update

The Palm Pre 2 already has HP webOS 2.0 but older Palms might skip right to webOS 2.1.

Long suffering Palm users have been promised the update to webOS 2.0 by Palm to arrive by the end of 2010. While it technically has happened—in the form of the release of the Palm Pre 2—owners of pre-Pre 2 smart phones are stuck waiting for the update for their devices and have been fed the ...

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Palm Pre Plus Coming in May 16 with AT&T Mobility

Palm Inc. has somewhat been left behind with the competition between smartphone giants RIM’s Blackberry, Google Android devices and Apple’s iPhone. With the Palm Pre Plus being released with At&T this May 16, Palm Inc. hopes to get back in the saddle with the current big boys in the smartphone industry. The company has had it ...