Palm and HP Teaming up to Put webOS on Everything HP

Palm was purchased by HP earlier this year for just north of a billion dollars and HP has some pretty ambitious plans for its acquisitions webOS platform. Correction, that’s HP webOS now. Former CEO of Palm—Jon Ruinstein—now heads up the Palm division at HP and according to his comments at the Web 2.0 Summit in ...

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Codenames of Four New Palm Smartphones Discovered

  Deep within the heart of HP webOS 2.0’s device restoration tool—webOS Doctor—Palm lists four unknown smartphone codenames. The fifth device on the list is the ‘Roadrunner’ which has already been released on France’s SFR as the Palm Pre 2. What are the other four devices mentioned? The ‘Windsor’, the ‘Mantaray’, the ‘Stingray’ and the ‘Broadway’. Interestingly, ...

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Palm Pre 2 and HP webOS 2.0 Get Commercial, 5 or 6 New Palms Coming in 2011?

Big, big news and rumors about Palm’s future hit the internet this week—the Palm Pre 2 and HP webOS 2.0 have gotten their own commercial and five or six new Palm devices are expected to be released by the end of 2011. Don’t worry; I have the commercial after the break and some information on what exactly Palm and HP are up to.

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WebOS Smartphones from Palm and HP Coming Early Next Year

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) has given the word that it will start producing new smartphones for sale in early 2011. HP bought Palm earlier this year and has been looking forward to putting new life into the once powerful PDA maker that ended up nearly disappearing in the smartphone market. Reuters reported that Eric Cador—Senior VP at ...

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What Is the Palm ‘Mansion’?

  Palm might be releasing a completely new device in the near future. Called the Palm ‘Mansion’, this smartphone is a clear departure from the Palm Pixi and Pre because it will supposedly rely complety on its 800 x 480 screen and lack a physical keyboard. The news comes from PreCentral and a “very reliable tipster.” ...

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