Nokia X7 Looks to Be Headed for AT&T

Xseries Nokia X7-00

Nokia’s coming X7 smart phone has shown up again online but this time with visible AT&T branding stamped on the front.  The Nokia X7 will be part of Nokia’s Xseries, which is targeted towards music lovers. How will the X7 appeal to audiophiles out there? The four speakers—one on each corner—probably have something to do ...

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Nokia X7-00 Appears on Video and Features 4 Speakers

Nokia is looking to complement its smartphone lineup with phones designed for audio—the Xseries. Cue the Nokia X7-00 with its four speakers. Yes, you read that right. Surround sound smartphones aren’t just a fantasy. The X7-00 has even been spotted on video running a racing game (Need for Speed Shift to be exact) and poking ...

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