Motorola’s Bullet and Jet – Set to be the first Quad Core Smartphones?

It feels like only yesterday, when I was told 1 GHz processors were to be found on upcoming cell phones, and my mouth is still open in amazement. Once the idea of 1GHz processors in our phones became clear in my head dual core 1GHz processors where on the way, leaving me with little room ...

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2011 Will Be the Year of NVIDIA Tegra 2 Powered Android Tablets

Picture of NIVIDA's coming dual-core, Tegra 2 processor chipset

At least five smart phone or tablet manufacturers will be using NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipsets in their devices in 2011. That’s according to DigiTimes and most of the manufacturers the website lists as Tegra 2 users for 2011 have already announced plans to use the chips. Motorola will be releasing at least two smart phones ...

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NFC from Samsung and Quad-Core from NIVIDA Coming to Android in 2011

The Android Logo

Near field communications (NFC) is expected to come of age in the United States next year after Google implements support for the wireless, mobile payment system in Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’. The Samsung Nexus S is widely expected to receive an NFC chipset inside and now Samsung has officially announced its line of NFC chips for ...

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