Motorola Atrix 2 Accessories To Keep you Up and Running Day In and Day Out

  When the first Motorola Atrix was released it was pure awesomeness’. With amazing set of specs and unique details like a fingerprint reader it was enough to make most smart phone nerds like me smile from ear to ear. When the Atrix 2 was announced it seems that the novelty wore off a bit, but ...

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The Atrix 2 becomes official alongside a slew of Android options for Ma’ Bell customers

So CTIA is under way and some new phones are seeing the light of day. CTIA in case you are wondering stands for Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association. This organization is a non-profit group that takes the mobile industry to that next level with government lobbying and standard setting. Every year the group has a few ...

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The Motorola Atrix 2 and Motorola Droid RAZR or Spyder enter the Rumor Mill


Since the Google-rific buyout of Motorola Mobility a few months back we really haven’t heard much from the manufacturer. But the holidays are right around the corner, and that means we get some new juicy Motorola hardware! Two new Motorola handsets have surfaced to the top of the internet rumor mill. While details on the ...

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