Nokia Announces their Mid Range 6 inch Lumia 1320


Nokia’s oversized but affordable Lumia 1320 has been announced and shown to the world! Earlier this week Apple and Nokia went head to head with device announcements. While the fruit clad manufacturer pumped out more of the same, Nokia announced a few company firsts. Nokia is as you may very well know the proud manufacturers ...

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The ZTE Quantum Headed to the Now Network?


    The ZTE Quantum makes its way to Sprint! It looks like the carrier will team up with the manufacturer again to produce some awesome! Most recently the pairing put forth the ZTE Sprint Force. The Force while a solid smart phone is a mid range device that offers its self up for a rather affordable ...

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The HTC Desire C Ready to Provide Mid Range Awesome on a Budget!

    As the race for super smart phone immortality seems to be running wild within the ranks of the high end manufacturers, you may notice and sometimes question “why in the world would they build that”. Samsung, HTC and LG are all known for their amazingly high end smart phones with super powers that impress. But ...

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