The ZTE Concord II Makes Its Debut with T-Mobile


The ZTE Concord II arrives at T-Mobile! The relationship between ZTE and the magenta clad carrier T-Mobile has grown by one unit of smart phone today! The carrier and the manufacturer have worked together in the past to produce entry level to mid range devices. Devices like the first generation Concord and the Aspect come ...

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BLU Introduces its First 4G LTE Equipped Studio 5.0 LTE


BLU unveils its Studio 5.0 LTE! The BLU Products brand is one your likely not to familiar with. The company was started back in 2009 and has since pumped out some 10 million handsets in forty countries in Latin America, the US and the Caribbean. A new BLU however is about to hit store shelves ...

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Arrives at MetroPCS


The Samsung Galaxy S5 launches with MetroPCS! You may have heard about one or two of Samsungs Galaxy flagship devices. The Galaxy S5 more specifically is the latest and greatest Galaxy device from the company and is now officially found on the shelves of yet another carrier. New details out of Korean news outlets state ...

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The LG L70 Set to Launch with MetroPCS


  The LG L70 will find its way to MetroPCS! As the early months of this great New Year begin to become memories and the long haul sets in smart phone manufacturers are finally finding homes for their new wares! With MWC and CES behind the manufacturers the only thing left to do is get their ...

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Nokia Announces the Lumia 930 and The Lumia 630 and 635


Nokia announces the Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and Lumia 930! The Nokia made Lumia’s at this point are the face of Windows Phone and today three new Lumia’s have made their way to official.  While the Lumia 630 and Lumia 930 devices have been leaking since March rumors surrounding the launch stated the handsets would ...

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The Huawei Premia 4G Launched at MetroPCS


The Huawei Premia 4G announced for the shelves of MetroPCS. As of late pre-paid carriers have been seeing an influx of awesome phones that in one way or the other surely translates into more customers? Recently MetroPCS got a Galaxy Admire 4G, the Spirit 4G and even a flagship Galaxy S III and today new ...

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A New LG Spirit 4G Enters the MetroPCS Fray

It seems like every other day a new Android makes its way into the market place. Today is no different. As the specifications of the mid and low range devices improve, so do the amount of smart phone users worldwide. LG is again adding to the craze by pumping out their latest Android phone, the ...

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The ZTE Avid 4G Finds a Home

ZTE and Metro PCS are a match made is awesome! When combine Metro’s amazingly affordable plans with ZTE hardware you’re left with some of the best smart phone deals anywhere. Recently the carrier launched and the manufacture teamed up to launch the ZTE Anthem 4G, a solid mid range contender with affordability and connectivity on ...

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A New Galaxy Admire 4G for metroPCS

The Galaxification of smart phones is still running strong at Samsung HQ and the latest device to hit the Galaxy marquee is the Admire! The original Samsung Admire came into fruition back in 2011 and ran Android version 2.3. A solid Android device that spoke volumes to the versatility of the operating system has just ...

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A Galaxy S III For MetroPCS to Call Their Own

“The next big thing is already here” and spreading like wild fire. The Samsung Galaxy S III is indeed a phone to reckon with. A device that has surely help set the smart phone bar pretty high. The Samsung Galaxy S III was announced back in May and it didn’t take long to launch on ...

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The ZTE Anthem 4G Is Official

Metro PCS is a well known carrier here in the states that offer up amazing connectivity for a rather affordable price tag. The best part about the carrier however, in our humble opinion is their options. They don’t limit your phone options to a few flagships. There are many amazingly powerful and affordable devices within ...

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MetroPCS launches LTE in Fort Worth Texas

Just a few weeks ago Metro PCS came to the party ready to play, announcing the official launch of their LTE network in Las Vegas, Nevada. Well today the LTE roll out continues and MetroPCS is officially flicking the switch in the Fort Worth region of Dallas Texas. Go grab them spurs and that cowboy ...

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The lights of Vegas dim just a little with the launch of a MetroPCS 4G LTE network

You may think of MetroPCS as the “other guy” when compared to the top 4 carriers here in the states. Recently however the company went on the record and stated that they would be launching a 4G LTE network to be available this year. Looks like MetroPCS has stuck to their word as the company ...

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Enter the Smartphone Era: Discount Carriers Pushing BlackBerrys

The BlackBerry Curve 8530 is coming to MetroPCS. While this normally would be a blip on the radar screen, it does underscore an important reality emerging around us. Eventually, every cellular phone will be a smartphone. House phones are already dying off with entire families choosing to just go wireless. With discount carriers like MetroPCS ...

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