The Blackberry Meets its Demise in Japan

  The end of the Blackberry era hits Japan. In case you haven’t heard, Blackberry is back. While it seems cliché, they are indeed back with a new operating system and hardware. Before the launch of their new system and handsets the trouble equated with the company most certainly spelled demise. While the Z10 is doing ...

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Rumor: Apple Expects to Sell 5+ Million Verizon iPhones by March

Verizon Wireless and Apple's iPhone 4

Apple’s new target for iPhone sales in the first quarter of 2011? 20-21 million units according to Digitimes, which cites anonymous sources in Taiwan involved with component manufacturers. The big news out of all of this is that five to six million of those iPhones will be CDMA compatible and thus capable of running on ...

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Will Verizon Remain on top If the iPhone Doesn’t Come in 2011?


Verizon Wireless is often touted as the largest wireless carrier in the United States and rightfully so, but the line dividing first place from second place is growing thinner and thinner. According to Apple Insider, some of the most recent figures place Verizon’s number of customers at 92.1 million compared to AT&T’s 90.1 million. A ...

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1.5+ Million WP7 Smart Phones Sold and Counting

Windows Phone 7 logo with WP7 device screenshot

More than 1.5 million smart phones running Microsoft’s new mobile operating system—Windows Phone 7—have been sold so far. That is a very surprising number considering how little faith most (including me) have had in Microsoft’s ability to launch a successful mobile OS. These 1.5+ million phones running WP7 have only had a little over eight ...

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BlackBerry Growing Overseas, Not Much in the US but Still Beating Analysts’ Targets

BlackBerry smart phones are the low-cost alternative to iPhones and Androids in developing countries.

BlackBerry smart phone maker Research In Motion beat analysts’ expectations for the 3rd financial quarter but surprisingly, most of the company’s growth came from outside the United States—92% to be exact. That data was compiled by Asymco and the research company also discovered another startling figure. Of the 2.1 million new customers for BlackBerry smart ...

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Breakdown of Verizon’s Smart Phone Sales by Manufacturer—BlackBerry Tumbling

Sales of smart phones on Verizon's network by manufacturer

If the figures that ITG—an investment research firm—has put out are anywhere close to accurate, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry line of smart phones are going the way of the dodo on Verizon’s network. Just look at the graph (click to enlarge). In October 2009, BlackBerrys accounted for nearly 95% of all of Verizon’s smart phone ...

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Samsung Leading Android Smartphone Sales in the US


Samsung has increased its lead in the US smart phone market to an impressive 32.1% of all Android OS powered phones. Last year around this time, Samsung had less than 10% of the US Android market. What’s the reason for all of this success? A lot of it is probably due to the Samsung Galaxy ...

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BlackBerry Passes iOS in the US for Internet Use

Research In Motion's headquarters

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has followed up its acquisition of QNX Software Systems earlier this years with its just announced purchase of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT). TAT specializes in building user interfaces (UI) for smartphones and embedded systems. I’ve got some video of one of TAT’s UIs too and an overview of what ...

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WP7 Sales at Only 40,000 in the US on Monday

Only 40,000 Windows Phone 7 devices were sold on Monday in the US—launch day to be specific—according to TheStreet. With Microsoft’s multi, multimillion dollar WP7 campaign (think between 500 million and 1 billion) you would think that these would have literally flown off the shelf. That is apparently not the case however. Supply and distribution issues ...

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BlackBerry Still Rules the U.S. Says Analysts

Comparing market numbers for smartphones is a crazy game, with each survey, analyst and company filing saying different things. comScore—a market analytics company—claims that its research shows that Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerrys still have a hefty 37.3% chunk of the overall US smartphone market. Apple’s iPhone is holding steady at 24.3% and Google’s Android ...

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Enough with the iPhone Versus Android Sales Comparisons Already

 Comparing Apple’s iPhone to Google’s Android is certainly a fun thing to do, since it gives us a team to root for. Are you for ‘open’ operating systems like Android OS or do you take the stance that closed systems like Apple’s iOS give users a better user experience? That question gets played a lot, ...

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AT&T and Verizon Wireless: It All Comes Down to the iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is a large enough player in the smartphone market to be the deciding factor in a major carrier’s market plan. The two carriers whose future depends on the iPhone? AT&T and Verizon Wireless. AT&T has had the iPhone for three years and now Verizon is expected to finally get it. The success of Google’s ...

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Apple’s iPhone Passes RIM’s BlackBerry for 2nd Place

Despite all of the claims that were thrown back and forth between Apple and Research In Motion (RIM) concerning sales, Apple has come out on top. According to Strategy Analytics, 15.4 million iPhones were shipped by Apple, compared to only 12.3 million BlackBerrys by RIM. Of course Nokia, with its 26.5 million smartphones shipped in the same time period still reigns supreme globally, but even that number has started to slip.

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BlackBerry Maker Responds to Steve Jobs Comments

Leave it to Apple CEO Steve Jobs to anger people and companies. The man is almost as good at the art of infuriating as he is at developing high tech products people are willing to wait in line hours for to get their hands on. His latest comments that have set the internet abuzz? He ...

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BlackBerry Still Dealing with Ban, T-Mobile Thinks RIM is Done for

The maker of the BlackBerry smartphone—Research In Motion (RIM)—still has not come to a deal with the Government of India  regarding encryption on its devices. India had given RIM an ultimatum, either it allow the government access to encrypted emails and messages sent through BlackBerrys in the country, or it would be kicked out. Now ...

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