HTC’s Merge to be their First CDMA Android based World Phone

Details of the HTC Merge have been popping up all over the place in the past few months. The new slider from HTC as gone from confirmed and on the way to rumors of the device being completely scrapped, today however, the rumors have been put to rest as the Merge has been confirmed by ...

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RIM Responds to PlayBook Battery Life Claims

RIM says the PlayBook's battery is doing just fine.

Earlier this week, Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu said that his sources indicate that Research In Motion’s upcoming PlayBook tablet only has a “few hours” of battery life. He then compared that presumably three hour estimate to the iPad’s ten hours and the Galaxy Tab’s six hours. Battery life is essential for tablets—almost as important ...

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Does your iPhone 4’s Camera Tint Photos Blue in the Center?


It has been a while since I wrote a story about hardware problems with Apple’s iPhone 4 but this deserves mentioning. Apparently, many iPhone 4 owners are complaining that the smartphone tints the center of photos blue. The problem is only really noticeable when pictures of white objects are taken. We’ve all experienced or at least ...

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Rumor: Three iPad 2 Models, 65 Million to Ship in 2011

Can the iPad 2 take on Android and BlackBerry at once for tablet dominance in 2011?

The latest iPad 2 rumors point to three different models being released in 2011. While it makes sense that Apple would sell a Wi-Fi only version, a CDMA compatible model for Verizon’s network and a GSM compatible model for AT&T and possibly T-Mobile networks, things get tricky after that point. 65 million iPads could ship ...

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Apple Wants to Reinvent How We Interact with Technology

Leave it to Apple to patent the coolest stuff.

Apple revolutionized the MP3 player and the smartphone. Now, the company is looking to completely reinvent how we interact with technology. A recently approved patent by the company gives a strong hint at the direction that CEO Steve Jobs wants to push his iOS lineup towards—glasses free 3D with Microsoft Kinect like interaction. (The patent ...

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Research In Motion Beats out Microsoft on Twitter

Research In Motion's headquarters

While I have never given that much legitimacy to Twitter-based stats, something interesting has be unearthed by What the Trend’s list of the top 10 companies on Twitter for 2010. BlackBerry maker Research In Motion beat out Microsoft for spot number five. Microsoft, which launched its new Windows Phone 7 operating system a couple of ...

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Motorola Isn’t Planning on Updating Many Smart Phones to Android 2.2

Motorola Android Update Guide

Motorola is one of the biggest winners from the success of Google’s Android operating system for smart phones but it doesn’t look like it wants to pass on all the goodness to its customers. What am I talking about? A newly released upgrade chart showing its OS update plans for the future on a variety ...

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BlackBerry Growing Overseas, Not Much in the US but Still Beating Analysts’ Targets

BlackBerry smart phones are the low-cost alternative to iPhones and Androids in developing countries.

BlackBerry smart phone maker Research In Motion beat analysts’ expectations for the 3rd financial quarter but surprisingly, most of the company’s growth came from outside the United States—92% to be exact. That data was compiled by Asymco and the research company also discovered another startling figure. Of the 2.1 million new customers for BlackBerry smart ...

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Dell Venue Pro Delayed Until January 2011

Image of Dell's WP7 powered Venue Pro smart phone

Dell unveiled its Venue Pro smart phone to the world earlier this year and excitement was strong. The Venue Pro runs Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system and is viewed by many as Dell’s strongest attempt to get a foothold in the exploding smart phone market. The company even has plans to release an ...

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Breakdown of Verizon’s Smart Phone Sales by Manufacturer—BlackBerry Tumbling

Sales of smart phones on Verizon's network by manufacturer

If the figures that ITG—an investment research firm—has put out are anywhere close to accurate, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry line of smart phones are going the way of the dodo on Verizon’s network. Just look at the graph (click to enlarge). In October 2009, BlackBerrys accounted for nearly 95% of all of Verizon’s smart phone ...

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Could Apple’s Stock Price (APPL) Hit $390 off of iPhone and iPad Sales?

Graph showing Apple's profit rising to meet iPhone

Despite ‘Antennagate’, the delay until next year of the white iPhone 4 and supply issues that are hampering sales right now, Apple’s stock price is projected to hit around the $390 mark according to multiple analysts. Why such a high number? Apple’s stock price right now (APPL) is hovering around $318. A $70+ jump per ...

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European Carriers Want Apple to Pay for iTunes Data Usage

Apple iTunes logo

It looks like it is not just AT&T that is having problems handling the enormous data usage generated by Apple’s wildly popular iPhone model of smart phones—European carriers are also feeling the weight on their networks. However, unlike AT&T, who has remained silent about how much network usage the iPhone consumes, European carriers France Telecom ...

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BlackBerry App World Hits 15,000 App Mark—Is Being 3rd Good Enough Anymore?

An example image of RIM's BlackBerry App World and a BlackBerry smartphone

Earlier this year, Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry App World marketplace hit the 10,000 app mark and now the company has passed the 15,000 app mark. The news of RIM’s latest achievement came courteous of the company’s Twitter feed which posted the following, “#AppWorld – 15,000 apps and counting! What have you downloaded lately?” On ...

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Apple’s iPhone Passes RIM’s BlackBerry for Top Spot in US Smartphone Market Share

Smartphones now command nearly 30% of the larger phone market in the US according to Nielson. Even more interesting is the fact that according to the company’s survey, Apple’s iPhone has passed RIM’s BlackBerry for the lead in smartphone operating systems.  The iPhone commands 27.9% of the market while the BlackBerry holds on at 27.4%. ...

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BlackBerry PlayBook and QNX OS Saving RIM on Wall Street

The company behind the BlackBerry—Research In Motion (RIM)—has had some new life breathed into its stock price (RIMM) by an analyst who believes that the all new QNX operating system that will first premier on company’s coming PlayBook tablet will make the Canadian based company relevant again. Jeffries & Co. analyst Peter Misek upgraded his ...

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