The Blackberry PlayBook runs Android Apps?

In the world of tech dominance it’s hard to forget Blackberries. RIM simply put changed the smart phone and mobile tech world in many ways. However, since the dawn of Apple’s iPhone and Googles Android opertating system the Blackberry maker has been fighting an uphill battle to stay relevant. The launch of their Blackberry Torch ...

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‘Gemini’ Attacks Android Smartphones in China, U.S. Next?

The Android Logo

Malicious hackers have started targeting smartphones and devices running Google’s Android operating system are a particularly juicy target. One piece of malware making headlines right now is Gemini. This trojan has the capability to download all information off of an Android smart phone and even take control of the phone itself. Before you get worked up ...

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The New Threat: Malicious Apps on Your Smartphone

Getting into the new app craze on your smartphone? Be careful. Since BlackBerry does not have a unified app store (or forces you to shop theirs), the possibility of malicious apps getting onto your phone is real. The apps do not even need to hack your phone or exploit the system software to do real ...

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