Details Emerge Of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom


  Details of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom and S4 Active leak. Just when you thought all the variations of the Galaxy S4 have been brought into the light, Samsung up and does it again by adding new versions of the S4 to the lineup. Recently leaky details of Samsung’s water proof Galaxy S4 Active surfaced into ...

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Huawei’s Latest 5 Incher the A199 Becomes a Reality


  Huawei brings another 5 inch smart phone to life with the A199. In the past few months Huawei and many other manufacturers have been taking the oversized screen idea to heart! Everywhere you look a new five inch plus handset is popping up and stealing the show! Recently Huawei has pushed the 6.1 inch Ascend ...

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Visa’s Mobile App Comes to iPhone

Screenshot of Visa

You didn’t expect credit card giant Visa to just sit by and watch all of these digital upstarts undermine its core business now did you? The company announced today that it is releasing an app called ‘Visa Mobile’. Okay… no big deal right? Wrong. The app will function as an offer system to pair up ...

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Poynt Updated to v1.6 for BlackBerry: New Stuff

  Poynt—the location based search app—has been updated to v1.6 for the BlackBerry and it has some nifty new features and improvements over previous versions. In case you are unfamiliar with Poynt, it is a free app that keeps the internet in a more manageable form. Namely, it keeps stuff that is not near you out ...

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Microsoft’s Street Slide just stepped it up, Hey Google check this out

Microsoft is in the news lately has the whole industry is anticipating its launch of WP7 and the goodies that will derive from it. In their gitty anticipation Microsoft is showing off their new Street Slide application that is making Google Street View look, well… outdated. If you have ever found yourself looking at Google Street ...

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