Apple’s Cloud Service Imminent

Recently CNet has reported that Apple is closing agreements with the likes of EMI and Warner Music Group to make the likes of their cloud official. Other deals with Sony Music Group and Universal are reported to being near finished and signed off on. Keep in mind Google and Amazon created their cloud based locker service without syncing deals with any major record companies. Apple covering all angles is aiming to please – the record companies at least.

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Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ Is Almost Here and Google Is Updating Android Market

With the release of Android OS version 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ just around the corner, Google has been getting ready. Changes to Google apps on some devices have already got some slight tweaks and now Google is revamping its Android Market. The Android operating system has seen its number of available apps explode to the 100,000 range ...

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300,000 iOS Apps in the iTunes App Store

Since the last time anyone checked, Apple’s iTunes App Store has increased its offerings by approximately 50,000 to a total of more than 300,000 apps. The split between paid and free apps is about two to one. Nearly a thousand new apps are appearing on a daily basis. The iPhone 4 is selling amazingly well ...

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Music, Not Apps Why Apple Has Edge Over Competitors

Market research company NPD says that they have uncovered some interesting information about why people purchase iPhones. No, it’s not just about the apps. In fact, it really is not that much about the apps. It is because of the music. 56% of iPhone and iPod touch users have only bought music from Apple’s iTunes store. ...

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What Does HTML5 Mean for Apple’s App Store?

Apple’s iTunes-based App Store for its popular iOS powered devices might lose some wind out of its very powerful sails in the next couple of years according the Atlantic. The reason why? HTML5 is on the way and promises to implement many of the same features—on any supporting platform—that have rocketed the iPhone to popularity ...

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iTunes Store Hacked?

PCWorld is reporting that a number of iPhone apps have been removed from the top 50 paid book applications section following complaints from other developers. The culprit? A number of poorly coded apps by the same publisher—mycompany/Thuat Nguyen. Despite occupying 40 of the 50 spots, the apps had no user reviews and were all very ...

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Get Your iTunes to Sync With Your BlackBerry

Ah finally. Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) BlackBerry has gotten an app that gives you music features that even those iPhone users do not have: the ability to wirelessly synchronize your BlackBerry to your iTunes playlists from anywhere. Available now on the BlackBerry App World for $15, Music WithMe promises a lot and delivers. According ...

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