Secret iPhone 4 “Silent Recall” in the Works?

Apple might be pulling the old “silent recall” trick despite its press conference earlier today that announced free rubber bumper cases to anyone who purchased the iPhone. According to Gizmodo, numerous customers have been reporting that the iPhone “death grip” flaw—“Antennagate” as Apple CEO Steve Jobs has dubbed it—has cleared itself up after receiving replacement ...

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Jobs Speaks: The Scoop is in From Cupertino

The silence at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California was finally broken today, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs announcing that everyone who has purchased an iPhone 4 would receive a free case. Apple has been shaken about in the media recently since it was discovered that the reception on its wildly popular smart phone was negatively ...

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iGate: iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Known During Design

Listen here before you throw your iPhone 4 against a wall because you lose your signal every time you try to hold the phone with a bare hand—Apple knew that the antenna had problems while it was designing it. Okay, now you can throw your $300 smartphone. Feel better? Stop crying. It is just a ...

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Bluetooth Issues on the iPhone 4: Possible Antenna Link

Apparently, the voice and data reception on Apple’s new iPhone 4 is not all that and is catching mixed signals lately from the Apple drones—some customers are also reporting dismal Bluetooth performance from the popular smart phone. While reports so far have been thin and scattered, Bluetooth accessory company Jawbone acknowledged the problem in an email ...

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Consumer Reports Weighs in Again: Fix the iPhone

Yesterday Consumer Reports withheld its coveted ‘Recommended’ stamp of approval from Apple’s iPhone 4 despite it scoring as the top phone in the tested group—now it is asking Apple to fix the new smartphone free of charge. Apple has maintained that the reception glitch, which only occurs when a certain part of the phone is ...

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Apple Censors: Consumer Reports Discussion Topics Deleted

Apple appears to be resorting to censorship on its company message boards as a response to Consumer Reports snubbing of the iPhone 4 for its ‘Recommended’ stamp of approval. According to reports by, discussions on the Consumer Reports review are being deleted from The cached pages however, are still popping up on Microsoft’s ...

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Consumer Reports Does Not Recommend iPhone 4

The magazine’s findings instead point to a problem with the iPhone 4’s actual antenna design—an issue not addressable through a software update like many customers are hoping is in the works.

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The iPhone Software Update Will NOT Fix Reception Issues?

Both IntoMobile and Gizmodo are both reporting that the upcoming iPhone 4 software update will not be fixing the reception issues that Apple’s newest smartphones has been experiencing since their launch approximately two weeks ago. The source for this little sour tidbit of news? None other than a press release from Apple itself. More on ...

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Apple Waiving iPhone 4 Restocking Fee

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week or so, then you have undoubtedly heard of all of the issues that have been plaguing Apple’s new iPhone 4 since its launch. Good news has come out of all of this though; Apple has decided to waive the normal $20-$30 restocking fee ...

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What Is Really Up With the iPhone 4’s Antenna

Apple denied yesterday that something is physically wrong with the new iPhone 4’s antenna. Instead, the company claims that the real culprit is the mathematical formula used to calculate how many signal strength bars to display. The flawed formula apparently inflates the number of bars displayed, making it appear that users have a much better ...

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