White iPhone 4 Delayed until Spring 2011 Now—Anyone Still Waiting for It?

Picture of a white iPhone 4 from Apple

It’s official—Apple’s coveted but surprisingly still missing white iPhone 4 model will not appear in stores until “Spring 2011” according to the company. This information comes courteous not of an official press release or statement by Apple but instead on signs that are starting to appear in Apple Stores. Why the massive delay for the ...

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Age and Gender Has Some Determination over Smartphone OS Preference

A chart showing smartphone OS preferences in the US and divided by gender

Who you are probably affects your smartphone preferences a lot more than you realized—data from Nielson’s October 2010 Smartphone Operating survey of 9,200 in the US shows that there is a link between someone’s preferred smartphone OS and their age and gender. Those between the ages of 18 and 24 are on average, 35.9% likely ...

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Apple’s iPhone Is Dominating Japan—Vader Strikes Back

Japan has always been a somewhat different world and NTT DoCoMo’s new advertisement for the Galaxy S is no exception. Darth Vader shows up as the pitchman/metaphor for the Android powered smartphone in more than one advertisement from the carrier. Given the iPhone’s recent success in Japan, NTT has to do something since it lost ...

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UltraSn0w Carrier Unlock for iOS 4.2 Arriving by Weekend

The iPhone hacking group—Dev Team—has announced through Twitter that it will be releasing its UltraSn0w carrier unlock for iOS 4.2.1 by Sunday at the latest. The first two models to be supported are the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 will not be unlocked quite yet. The actual tweet from @MuscleNerd says, “Good progress ...

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Apple Could Release iOS 4.3 Update in December

Apple might have plans to release its iOS 4.3 update as early as December. At least that’s what the rumors are saying. The iOS 4.2 update was delayed until this past Monday and turned out to actually be version 4.2.1. If iOS 4.3 does launch in December, the rapid update could coincide with the release ...

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iOS 4.2 Update Includes More than 80 Security Fixes, Jailbreak Here

Apple’s new iOS 4.2 update might fix more than 80 security holes in iOS but jailbreakers haven’t even blinked. In fact, Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 is already ready to jailbreak your iOS device. Unfortunately, the iPad is not yet supported for this one. Also, to clear up any confusion, iOS 4.2 is technically version 4.2.1. Details on ...

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How to Quickly Fix Missing Music Bug in iOS 4.2, Apple Patents iOS Interface

Update to iOS 4.2 and discover that all of the music on your iPhone has disappeared? Don’t worry, it’s happening to a lot of people and there is a quick fix. (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch owners have been confirmed to experience the problem and the jury is still out on the iPad.) I’ve got the fix after the break and some interesting patent news about Apple.

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iOS 4.2 Is Finally Here!

Apple finally released version 4.2 of iOS today and everything you wanted or expected in the update is there. AirPlay is finally here and the iPad finally can multitask. More details after the jump. Now that iOS 4.2 has been released, iPad and iPhone/iPod touch users are finally running the same operating system. iOS users should ...

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Amazon’s New Price Check App Is a Must for Your iPhone This Holiday


Amazon has a new app out for the iPhone today—one that will make your holiday shopping far less of a headache and let you find the best price right at the store. Called Price Check, Amazon’s new app is for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Through an Internet connection, it searches Amazon.com and the company’s merchants. Just enter a product through one of the four easy methods—barcode, picture, voice and typing—and you get back a list of matches and their prices at various retailers. Screenshots at the bottom!

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iOS 4.2 and the Coming 4.2.1 Update Already Jailbroken

No need to worry jailbreakers, the coming iOS 4.2 update has already been jailbroken. Worried that the new 4.2.1 version of iOS is up on Apple’s website for developers ahead of the launch of 4.2 is a bad sign? No worries there either. The hack implemented in GreenPosion and the rest of the jailbreaking tools ...

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Apple Is Jumping Straight to iOS 4.2.1

  Apple said that it would release iOS 4.2 to the world this month and plenty of rumors and ‘insider’ tips have given us nearly as many release dates for it as there are days in the month. Guess what? Apple now has just released iOS 4.2.1 GM to developers. The GM stands for golden master, ...

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iPhone Rumors Rundown: iOS 4.2 and the Verizon iPhone

No iOS 4.2 release yet despite the nearly constant stream of rumors concerning its launch this month. Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated that the update would come out in November and while the final beta build has gone out to developers to test with their apps, it still has not seen the light of day. ...

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Apple iOS 4.2 Delayed until November 24th?

  No iOS 4.2 update today. Disappointed huh? A “reliable source” has told the Telegraph that Apple is delaying the launch of the updated operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad until November 24th. This is at least the second delay for the launch of one of the most anticipated Apple iOS updates in history. ...

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New iTunes, Mac OS X and iOS 4.2 All Arriving This Week

Apple’s coming iOS 4.2 update didn’t come out on the 7th like we hoped was the case but according to a source inside AT&T, the newest version of iOS will hit the internet at 10 AM PST on November 12th. The source, who contacted GizmoCrunch went on to claim that iTunes 10.1 and Mac OS ...

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Apple’s iOS 4.2 Still Not out but it Does Mostly Fix the iPhone 3G

Apple’s coming iOS 4.2 update has still not come out yet, despite rumors that it was supposed to launch today. However, some testing done with the iOS 4.2 version available to developers has shown that Apple has taken the criticism of iOS 4 to heart—it runs a lot better now on the iPhone 3G. Don’t ...

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