Jobs Speaks: The Scoop is in From Cupertino

The silence at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California was finally broken today, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs announcing that everyone who has purchased an iPhone 4 would receive a free case. Apple has been shaken about in the media recently since it was discovered that the reception on its wildly popular smart phone was negatively ...

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iPhone iOS 4.1 Beta Reporting In

The beta version of Appleā€™s iOS 4.1 went out to developers earlier this week and while it does change how the iPhone 4 reports signal strength, the consensus says that a software fix ultimately cannot repair an underlying hardware problem. A press conference was scheduled for this Friday by Apple and the company is expected ...

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iPhone 4 Update to iOS Version 4.0.1 Delayed to Prevent Hackers?

Apple may be delaying the release of the first update to its iOS 4 software, version 4.0.1, that is expected to fix the ‘grip of death’ reception problems plaguing its newest smartphones because it wants to prevent the anticipated arrival of the first iPhone 4 jailbreak and unlock options available.

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