Two FireFox OS Devices Launch in India for Under $40

Spice Fire One Firefox

Mozilla launches not one, but two sub $40 dollar smart phones! Have you heard of Mozilla? The company is well known around the interwebs as the one of the solid contenders in the internet browser world with their browser Firefox. Firefox is one of those amazing products that works a bit better then the browser ...

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The Blackberry Z3 Launches in India


The Blackberry Z3 makes its way into India. Blackberry and their legendary smart phones have been slowly climbing back into the hearts and minds of the masses. After a quick stir up of power from the top down and a fresh QNX based operating system, the company is slowly taking back their part of the ...

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Samsung’s Note III Rumored to Be offered In Three Variations


The Samsung Galaxy Note III is rumored to be offered in three different extra large sizes! Early this year, not to long after the launch of the Note II, rumors and speculation of what the Note III would offer began hitting the wall! From flexible screens to finger print biometric scanners the rumor surrounding the ...

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Nokia Introduces the Asha 501


Nokia introduces the Asha 501. Nokia introduced the Asha series handsets back in 2011 with the Asha Series 40 handsets. Since then the company has updated the feature phone line up with a few different models. After the Series 40 handsets Nokia launched the Asha 310 and most recently the Asha 210 QWERTY handsets. Today ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Y Plus Steals the Show!


 As the world holds their breath in anticipation of the latest and greatest smart phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S IV the company is continuing their march into mobile dominance by launching another Galaxy halfway around the globe. Samsung may be better known as the company that makes the Galaxy S, but it’s the smaller ...

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Samsung Introduces The REX Series Feature Phones in India


Samsung REX feature phones launch in India. The feature phone is not something that we have heard a lot of lately. As the smart phone continues to reign, the feature phone for the most part is being left behind! While this sentiment may stay true in most parts of the world, the feature phone device ...

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The New Nokia Asha 310 Gets Introduced to the Masses


  Nokia debuts the new Asha 310 S40 Dual-Sim Wi-Fi enabled handset. Nokia has been on a run with their latest in Windows Phone devices. As the world holds its breath to see what the company will unveil at this year’s MWC a new handset from the company is announced. In the latter months of 2011 ...

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The latest Blackberry Curve 9320 Briefly Surfaces for its Headshot

It is not every day that you hear exciting news coming from the Blackberry maker RIM. In the past few years it seems that the original smart phone manufacturer has been playing catch up with it competitors. Some who have an opinion blame the operating system or the bland hardware designs. Others point the finger ...

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RIM’s CEO Ends interview with BBC on Security questions

Recently RIM the maker of Blackberries has come under some fire for just about any topic you can think of. The company has gone from sitting at the top of the smart phone industry with little to no competition to directly competing with the likes of Apple and Android. While the company attempts to stay ...

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India ready to finally pull the plug on RIM’s Blackberry

India and RIM have become best of frien-enemies over the past few months. Last year India called for RIM the maker of the famed Blackberry to ‘open’ there secured servers to the country or face perment banning of their money making Blackberry devices. In response RIM let India and the world know that even they ...

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RIM: India Will Not Have Access to BES

Image of a BlackBerry smart phone with India

A story in the Economic Times prompted BlackBerry maker Research In Motion to respond because of “inaccurate and misleading information.” The story said that RIM had offed India a solution to its demands for access to encrypted information sent between BlackBerry smartphones. This solution—a “network data analysis system”—has the ability to decode all data on ...

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RIM Caves to India on BlackBerry Messenger but Ban Still Possible

Image of a BlackBerry smart phone with India's flag displayed

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has agreed to India’s demands to allow the interception of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) communications within the country but a ban is still possible. Why? Because even though RIM is working to give India access to BBMs, its BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) system does not let RIM access the encrypted ...

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What’s Up With the BlackBerry Ban in India?

Research In Motion (RIM) has been in war with pretty much every government in the Eastern Hemisphere for the past few months. Why? Because its encryption technology and security features are good. So good in fact, that pretty much the entire Middle East, parts of Africa, Pakistan and India are all mulling BlackBerry bans. Why ...

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BlackBerry Internet Service Still Down in Pakistan

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Pakistan had blocked the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). Well, the service is still blocked and now India has given Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM), Google, and Skype an ultimatum: give us backdoor access into users data or we will throw you out of the country. The real ...

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India Takes Aim at BlackBerrys

It looks like another Asian country is trying to throw its weight against a large international technology company that has its roots and headquarters in North America. No, not China versus Google. This time it is India versus Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM). The complaint is that RIM makes it too hard for Indian intelligence ...

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