The Unreleased HTC Desire 200 Gets Spotted in the Wild (Video)


  A new HTC Desire emerges into the news this morning! HTC has been pumping out awesome Android handsets since the beginning of the operating systems existence. The original HTC Desire is one of those devices that is a legend in its own right. It’s awesome design, with at the time high end specs and unique ...

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ZTE Launches the Blade III Pro and Blade C

ZTE Blade III Pro

  ZTE launches the Blade C and Blade III Pro. Ah, another set of ZTE smart phones! The last we heard from ZTE was the announcement of the ZTE Director which has comfortably made its home with US Cellular. Shortly before the Directors launch the Intel Powered Geek, and previous to that the Boost Force. Today ...

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The Huawei Premia 4G Launched at MetroPCS


The Huawei Premia 4G announced for the shelves of MetroPCS. As of late pre-paid carriers have been seeing an influx of awesome phones that in one way or the other surely translates into more customers? Recently MetroPCS got a Galaxy Admire 4G, the Spirit 4G and even a flagship Galaxy S III and today new ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Y Plus Steals the Show!


 As the world holds their breath in anticipation of the latest and greatest smart phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S IV the company is continuing their march into mobile dominance by launching another Galaxy halfway around the globe. Samsung may be better known as the company that makes the Galaxy S, but it’s the smaller ...

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HTC One SV and ZTE Force Make Their Way to Boost Mobile


  The HTC One SV and ZTE Force become Boost residents! The more options we have in this crazy mixed up world, the better off we are! Boost Mobile is one of many awesome pre-paid service providers that lives and operates under the watchful eye of its larger brother. In this case Sprint. While the ...

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HTC M4 and HTC G2 Leak Ahead of HTC Event and MWC

  Last week HTC was caught in the act of promoting and even using their anticipated M7 flagship smartphone. While the world gears up for the company’s announcement on the 19th, the success of 2012, and the excitement of moving forward allowed anyone who’s interested to get a sneak peak at a white M7 as well ...

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The HTC Thunderbolt Gets An Update…finally

  When you are considering purchasing a new smart phone you should always check how often carriers, and manufacturers update their line ups. While this issue was essentially a plague in early versions of Android, most carriers and manufacturers do their best to keep their flagships up to date. One device that has been put through ...

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The Vertu Ti RM-828V Run’s Android with Nokia DNA

  I was taught a long time ago that the price of anything is what someone is willing to pay for it. This phrase plays in my head from time to time when I see amazing overly priced products that are still selling because people are actually buying. Vertu, is indeed a luxury mobile company that ...

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A New LG Spirit 4G Enters the MetroPCS Fray

It seems like every other day a new Android makes its way into the market place. Today is no different. As the specifications of the mid and low range devices improve, so do the amount of smart phone users worldwide. LG is again adding to the craze by pumping out their latest Android phone, the ...

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The New Motorola RAZR i MT788 For China Mobile

  When a company in any market place finds a winner, the tendency is to burn it for all its worth! Motorola found much success in the RAZR branding in the past producing over 15 variation of the infamous razor thin flip style icon the RAZR. After a bit of down time for the brand Motorola ...

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The LG Optimus Regard Brings 4G LTE Goodness to Cricket

  Another day, another smart phone! It’s that time of the year again when manufacturers and carriers pump out awesome handsets for every niche of the market. Today’s latest comes from the likes of LG and Cricket. LG has been busy offering the world the likes of some pretty amazing handsets. As of late the company ...

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The Samsung Galaxy S Express Offers Awesome At an Affordable Price Point

Samsung and their Galaxies are literally taking over the world! The recent flagship device from the company, the Galaxy S III has recently outsold the long time sales leader in the iPhone. But Samsung is well aware that flagship devices at the top end of the market place are not for everyone and has continuously ...

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A Samsung Stratosphere 2 Enters the Rumor Mill…Again

  Samsung is one of those companies that gets on a roll with new products and keeps the legacy going just about as long as they can. There’s nothing wrong with milking a willing cow right? Right around a year ago, in September Samsung took to the market with the SCH-i405 handset which was otherwise known ...

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Android Gaming On the Go with the MG!

Android is an amazing new operating system that has pretty much taken over the world. Its open source model has allowed dumb phones to become smarter and allow smart phone manufacturers to focus on what they’re good at, manufacturing. Now days, you can see Android being used in refrigerators, in automobile headrest monitors, home phones, ...

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Another Galaxy: The Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE is Made Official for the Now Network

So many galaxies, so little time. Samsung has really taken a liking to this whole Galaxy line up of phones. Since the brands inception it seems like there has been a new Galaxy announced weekly. With a Samsung Galaxy for pretty much every level of phone Samsung is really pushing the limits of how much ...

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