The HTC Thunderbolt Gets An Update…finally

  When you are considering purchasing a new smart phone you should always check how often carriers, and manufacturers update their line ups. While this issue was essentially a plague in early versions of Android, most carriers and manufacturers do their best to keep their flagships up to date. One device that has been put through ...

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What to Expect at CES 2011

Vizio wants in on the smartphone market.

In two days, CES 2011 will begin. The event which lasts from January 6th to 9th will bring together most of the top players in the world of consumer electronics, including cellphone manufacturers and cellular carriers. If you are into wireless news, this is one Consumer Electronics Show that you will want to keep tabs ...

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Verizon Will Throw 4G LTE Thunderbolts at CES

Are you ready for 1080p video recording, 1280x800 screen resolutions and 4G LTE network speeds?

It is no secret that Verizon Wireless will be showing off Android powered smartphones that run on its new 4G LTE network at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 6th, 2011. In fact, it is pretty much a given that one of those devices will be HTC’s much anticipated Thunderbolt. Hold onto your seats; I ...

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