The HTC First and Facebook Home


The Facebook phone is real. Rumors of a social centric smart phone made by Facebook have been circulating the rumor mills for quite some time. Back in 2011 we got our first glimpse at what sort of potential the social network and a manufacturer could provide with the HTC Status, aka the ChaCha. While Facebook ...

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The HTC One Gets Official With At&t and Sprint


The HTC One makes waves as two carriers announce their plans for the smart phone. The HTC One was announced in mid February and comes with great anticipation. The One was at one point also known as the M7 and came into this world bit by bit in all forms of teases and leaks. Finally ...

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Is the Big Red HTC One Almost Ready for Its Debut?


Has a big red HTC One appeared in Bluetooth documents? When a new device makes its way to the states for sale it needs to pass through an inspection process of sorts. Many devices when making their way through the halls of the FCC get exposed usually a bit more that the rumors surrounding the ...

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HTC One SV and ZTE Force Make Their Way to Boost Mobile


  The HTC One SV and ZTE Force become Boost residents! The more options we have in this crazy mixed up world, the better off we are! Boost Mobile is one of many awesome pre-paid service providers that lives and operates under the watchful eye of its larger brother. In this case Sprint. While the ...

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The HTC One Finally Becomes Official


  The HTC One finally comes out of hiding! The HTC One, previously known as the M7 has at last become official! The HTC One has been finalized, announced and shown off to the world! No longer called the M7 the HTC One comes packing all the juicy details that were once rumored. But can it ...

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The HTC One M7 Appears In Press Renderings….Again!


Another HTC One press shot leaks into the wild. A new picture of the HTC One aka M7 has leaked into the wild and made its way to the headlines….again. HTC has a press event that is slated for the 19th and this awesome new handset is (better) expected to be announced there. In a ...

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The HTC One M7 Shows Off A bit More Skin Before Launch

The HTC One shows off leaky press renderings before its big day. Many moons have passed since the first HTC M7 rumor appeared in the headlines and it has not stopped since. The HTC M7 started to leak out a while back and details, pictures, renderings, spec lists and launch dates have all had their ...

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@Evleaks: “HTC M7 coming to market as simply the HTC One”

Good news everyone! The HTC M7 has made it back into the headlines! While we all sit around waiting on HTC to announce their new phones, the rumors and leakage just have no end in sight. The quietly brilliant company has been on the wrong side of earnings reports lately and anyone interested is hoping ...

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The HTC M7 Steps Out for a Party!

Can you taste the hype? HTC has a bit of it up their sleeve currently and it goes by the name of the M7. Currently we can only assume that its code name, however given what transpired today at an HTC party, the M7 name may stick. Rumors surrounding the company’s new flagship have been ...

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HTC One SV Heads to the UK

  Branding in mobile market is invaluable. With the right brand you can sell water to a whale! Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but look at the plethora of Galaxies that have invaded our space in the past few years, or put an i in front of anything and you can sell it for a premium! ...

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The HTC One VX Finally Offical At Ma’ Bell

  HTC has been steadily pumping out awesome for a long time now and the latest from the company is no different. Recently the company has announced and launched the likes of the Windows Phone 8X, the super slim over sized Droid DNA and new variations of the One series devices with the One X+ and ...

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An HTC One S and One V Wrapped up in the HTC One VX Is Announced

  Yesterday At&t and HTC teamed up again to release a new iteration of a quite popular handset. The infamous HTC One X got a bit of an upgrade to the HTC One X+. The new variation now sports a bit more storage space, a slightly larger battery and adds a larger quad core processor. With ...

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The HTC One X+ Becomes a Reality

Anyone remember the HTC One series devices? Of course you do! There are a few million of you out there using one variation or another. The HTC One series of devices ranged from the lower end of the spectrum with the One V, to the mid range with the One S and the top tier ...

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Virgin Mobile Offers Up the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the HTC One V

  Sir Richard Branson and his infamous Sprint owned Virgin Mobile carrier has just upped the standard for pre-paid carriers across the board. Virgin Mobile is well known for offering up excellent pre-paid wireless service at super affordable prices and the handset offerings have just been improved triple fold! Sprint got themselves into a bit of ...

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Rumored HTC One XXL Specs Appear in the Wild

Lacking sodium in your diet? Well, if you are this huge chunk of salty HTC rumors may help balance that out for you. HTC has been on a wave of greatness lately with the launch of their One series device, an updated EVO model but shortly before these amazing One’s appeared on the scene, HTC ...

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