A Verizon bound HTC One Remix leaks into the headlines


  Pictures of the Verizon bound HTC One Remix leak into the headlines! The HTC One series of handsets is taking off and spawning into different variations. As you may know the One is offered up in Max as well as Mini form and will likely see different versions in the future. What we haven’t seen ...

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The HTC One X+ Becomes a Reality

Anyone remember the HTC One series devices? Of course you do! There are a few million of you out there using one variation or another. The HTC One series of devices ranged from the lower end of the spectrum with the One V, to the mid range with the One S and the top tier ...

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Rumored HTC One XXL Specs Appear in the Wild

Lacking sodium in your diet? Well, if you are this huge chunk of salty HTC rumors may help balance that out for you. HTC has been on a wave of greatness lately with the launch of their One series device, an updated EVO model but shortly before these amazing One’s appeared on the scene, HTC ...

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