HP Launches their new HP 8 Android Tablet


HP quietly launches a new Android tablet! Remember HP? Of course you do. It is likely in your collection of computers, printers and laptops you own or have owned at least one HP product. What you probably do not own is an HP mobile gadget. HP has been mostly miss when it comes to hitting ...

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HP Introduces Five new Tablets!


HP introduces a few new tablets! Do you remember HP? Of course you do, Hewlett Packard has been a staple of computing for, well...for a long time. Recently however the companies foray into the mobile space has been less than stellar. Way back in 2009 HP decided it would be a great idea to buy ...

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The HP and Palm Saga Continues

During a recent announcement, HP’s CEO Mark Hurd publicized that their purchase of the dying Palm Company will help expand HP into other types of products and software. Some sources initially speculated that the acquisition indicated HP’s interest in Palm’s smartphone products “in order to enhance our intellectual property in the fast growing and profitable ...

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