The New myTouch from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has just announced its newest myTouch model and its sure looks beautiful. Don’t worry, the specs match the looks. It will be available in time for the holidays and even can do 4G and video calling. Without delay, here are the official specs of the new myTouch: 1 GHz Snapdragon processor Android 2.2 3.8” WVGA screen 5 MP ...

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The iPhone 4 Might Make Movie Makers Out of All of Us

Remember how the iPhone 4 can shoot 720p HD video and has an optional app that lets you edit that same video right on your phone? This technology might spawn an entire culture and art movement of amateur (and maybe professional one day) filmmakers who see it as another medium to convey their messages. Don’t ...

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Consumers May Skip Apple’s iPhone 4 for the Coming iPod Touch 4

Apple puts features from its most recent iPhone launches into later in the year updates to the iPod touch series for a reason, but this time some consumers might decide to skip over the wildly popular smartphone and wait instead for the beefy smart-music player.

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