HP’s TouchPad gets closer to running Android and Ubuntu Linux

  In case you didn’t know, HP bought out Palm and its amazing operating system in hopes to penetrate the mobile market a bit deeper. It seemed like a good idea at the time, however that seemingly great idea has pretty much fallen apart. I remember seeing the webOS family picture shortly before the launch of ...

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ChevronWP7 Unlocking Hack for WP7 Pulled after Microsoft Contacts Developers

Screenshot of ChevronWP7 unlock

  Almost as quickly as it appeared, the only hacking option to switch smartphones running Microsoft’s new WP7 OS—ChevronWP7—into developer mode has disappeared. The reason? Because the technology allows pirated apps to run on the platform and Microsoft’s own Director of Developer Experience for WP7, Brandon Watson, contacted the three man team behind the WP7 develop ...

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Windows Phone 7 Open for Business: Homebrew, Hacking through ChevronWP7

Microsoft’s new WP7 OS for smartphones has received its first “developer mode unlock” which lets you install whatever you want on it. While this doesn’t address the PVK problems regarding WP7 and modified operating systems that can get you banned from Xbox Live, it does work and is reversible. Think of it like the WP7 ...

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Microsoft Locks WP7 with ‘Genuine Software Activation’

Microsoft has dashed the hopes of smartphone hackers across the world with Windows Phone 7—the new operating system has a security system that works much like the genuine software activation process on the desktop version of Windows 7. According to WPCentral, the private key system or PVK that Microsoft has installed in WP7 prevents devices ...

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WP7 Powered HTC HD7: You Can Change the Embedded microSD Card

  The new HD7 smartphone from HTC uses a microSD card for its internal stroage, but it is replaceable. The existence of the use of microSD for internal storage in the HD7 was first revealed by wmpowerusers.com in late September via a leaked spec sheet for the device. While leaked document only mentioned a non-removable, 8 ...

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iOS 4.0.2 is Here, iPhone 4 Jailbreak Broken

Apple’s 4.0.2 patch for iOS 4 arrived yesterday and it breaks the Jailbreakme.com jailbreak. A similar patch was released for Apple’s iPad, upgrading its operating system to 3.2.2 and also breaking the same jailbreak. While I am certain that a lot of you are disappointed that the jailbreak has been broken, it worked through a ...

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iPhone 4 Update to iOS Version 4.0.1 Delayed to Prevent Hackers?

Apple may be delaying the release of the first update to its iOS 4 software, version 4.0.1, that is expected to fix the ‘grip of death’ reception problems plaguing its newest smartphones because it wants to prevent the anticipated arrival of the first iPhone 4 jailbreak and unlock options available.

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