Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Launches at Boost Mobile


Boost Mobile and Samsung announce the Galaxy Prevail 2. The original Samsung Galaxy Prevail was announced and subsequently launched about two years ago in April of 2011. The first generation Galaxy Prevail was one of the very first CDMA based Android devices to hit the pre-paid sector and it now seems it’s time for round ...

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The HTC 603e Gets Ready for the Big Time

  More leaks out of HTC show an HTC 603e ready at the helm. HTC has been a hot topic in the past few weeks what with the M7, M4 and G2 patiently waiting for MWC or the companies event on the 19th. HTC has also been in the press lately for their low profitability margins ...

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GreenPois0n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Finally Released

GeoHot might have beaten the iPhone hacking Chronic Dev Team to the punch with his ‘Limera1n’ iOS 4.1 jailbreak, but they appear to be shaking it off with the release of ‘GreenPosi0n’ today. The Chronic Dev Team had planned to release GreenPois0n on 10/10/10, but veteran iOS hacker geohot released his own, different hack after ...

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