Samsung Confirms the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 8.0 and 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Samsung has up and confirmed the Galaxy Tab 4 leaving your new Galaxy Tab 3 dated and old! Samsung is not one to hold back their new wares. Usually when a Samsung product leaks out into the wild it is only a short time before it arrives in some official capacity. The Samsung Galaxy Tab ...

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More Details About Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Surface


  Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 Lite gets is specs leaked into the wild. So if you haven’t heard Samsung is once again making as many versions of their tablets and phones as possible! The company has dipped into the mid range and the high end for the last few years and it is now time for ...

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 Kid’s


  Samsung set to introduce a kid centric Galaxy Tab 3. Samsung has taken their gadgets into nearly every market they can find. Whether you like your tablets small, large or extra large, Samsung has a slate just for you. The company also has a Galaxy for every taste out there. But what about the kids? ...

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Samsung’s Note III Rumored to Be offered In Three Variations


The Samsung Galaxy Note III is rumored to be offered in three different extra large sizes! Early this year, not to long after the launch of the Note II, rumors and speculation of what the Note III would offer began hitting the wall! From flexible screens to finger print biometric scanners the rumor surrounding the ...

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Details Emerge Of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom


  Details of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom and S4 Active leak. Just when you thought all the variations of the Galaxy S4 have been brought into the light, Samsung up and does it again by adding new versions of the S4 to the lineup. Recently leaky details of Samsung’s water proof Galaxy S4 Active surfaced into ...

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Samsung Announces the Dual SIM Galaxy Core


Samsung announces the dual SIM and highly affordable Galaxy Core. It’s no secret Samsung is on a mission from the tech gods to produce as many awesome mobile devices that they can. Most recently, Samsung, seemingly out of nowhere announced their first variation of the Galaxy Tab 3 in a 7 inch form, have launched ...

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An 8” HD Samsung Tablet set to Debut at IFA?


Is an 8 inch HD Galaxy Tab in the works? Samsung is on a world tour with the Galaxy in their hand and seemingly cannot be stopped. With their latest GS4 and loads of tablets, new color options to older models and the promise of the forth coming Note III, Samsung’s dominance knows no bounds. ...

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Samsung Looks To Discontinue its Galaxy Tab Keyboard Docks


Samsung reported to give the axe to tablet keyboard docks! Samsung reign of tablet and smart phones see no end in sight. The company is pumping out tablets of all sizes, shapes and colors to ensure anyone who needs an awesome tablet experience will have a Samsung option ready when they are. As tablets take ...

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A Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Just In Time for the Season


Samsung announces a Garnet Red Galaxy Note 10.1 just in time for the holiday! Samsung is getting festive again and looking to capitalize on another holiday! As if the Christmas season is not enough the company is pulling on our hearts strings by offering up deep red devices shortly before the holiday of hearts. Recently ...

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Three Variations of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 All But Confirmed for MWC Launch

Anyone interested in a Galaxy Note 8.0? Well, get ready as it’s on the way! Samsung, while we love their products has seemingly been on the tar and feathers routine when it comes to tablets. Not that we mind so many options, it just seems that figuring out what size tablet works best for the ...

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Some Excellent Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Accessories

Samsung makes many devices, knowing which one is right for you can prove to be a struggle onto itself.  But for many the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is their go to tablet for many reasons. Beauty, function and power usually encompass most of those reasons. But its abilities and minimalist design is surely no match ...

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The best Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Accessories keep your slate safe and ready!

When you’re shopping for a tablet the idea can be very exciting. Having complete and utter control over your multimedia, music, internet at the tip of your fingers nearly anywhere you may be is an amazing premise. The only downfall of this exciting new time is, most tablets are fragile and deserve some tender loving ...

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hits Retail Shelves Nationwide tomorrow

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was made official back in February at Samsung’s MWC event. Initially there were rumors of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 being delayed as a redesign was needed in light of the then recently unveiled iPad 2. While those rumors were ultimately denied, it seems maybe Samsung should have gone back to ...

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A 10 Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab in the works

 Samsung is in the midst of dropping their Galaxy Tab. The Android running tablet is set to launch stateside in the coming weeks and the verdict is surely not in yet if it will be a hit. The Galaxy Tab that is on its way is a 7 inch monster that can indeed fit into ...

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Samsungs Galaxy Tab gets exposed to Verizon employees

Samsung has been building the hype surrounding there new tablet the Galaxy Tab. The tablet is clearly on its way with more and more information leaking daily about the device. Thursday September 16th Samsung will be holding a press event in NY and will undoubtedly be launching the tablet then. But today Droid-Life has unearthed ...

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