LG Officially Announces the G2


LG announces the G2! Ah, the new LG G2 has been made official. The new LG G2 is not to be confused with the companies G2x, or HTC’s two G2’s but is here to give a the smart phone business a slight twist in design. The LG G2 has been leaking all over the place ...

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LG’S Impossibly Thin G2 Said to Sport a 5.2 Inch HD Screen and Come Packing OIS


    New details give LG’s G2 a 5.2 inch screen! We have all seen the G2 namesake in the past. Not so long ago LG used the name by producing the LG G2x. HTC however used the name as well with at least two different devices. LG is now bringing the name back and it is ...

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The LG G2 Get’s Spied with Rear Mounted Volume and Power Buttons


Pictures of the unreleased LG G2 appear in the wild! With all the handsets that LG have launched in the last few years it may be hard to keep track of them. With a seemingly endless array of Optimus devices it’s easy to get lost trying to keep up. Recently LG announced and launched the ...

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LG’s G2X for sale online today available in reality April 20th

Ok so the launch date on the new LG G2X is no secret, but the launch of a device this powerful is surely worth another mention. LG has truly broken its mold with this new G2X. Not to put LG down or anything but when I think LG all I can envision is feature phones ...

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The LG G2X will be Avalible Online April 15th and in the real world the April 20th

So everything does happen faster on the internet! LG is dropping a new phone soon and it’s called the G2X. The G2X is a monster phone by all means of the imagination, and will be landing at big magenta in about a week or so. The LG G2X was officially announced to be coming to ...

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