The Kyocera Verve Is a New QWERTY Slider Feature Phone Headed to Sprint, Boost and Virgin


The Kyocera Verve makes its way onto the shelves of Sprint, Boost and Virgin! In the land of milk and honey we are surrounded by amazingly powerful smart phones. Solid aluminum devices like the almighty HTC One and software packed handsets like the GS5 and of course lest not we forget the iPhones! But as ...

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New Renderings All But Confirm the LG F3Q


The LG made T-Mobile bound F3Q rendering shows off for the masses. You may have noticed over the years that full QWERTY keyboard based smart phones have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Slide out devices with keyboard have been replaced with bulimic sized slates of glass and metal, unless you’re Samsung, then its glass ...

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Nokia Announces the Asha 210 QWERTY


The Nokia Asha 210 brings the QWERTY back to life! It’s been awhile since we have seen the likes of Nokia’s Asha series handsets rocking a keyboard! The latest iteration of the feature phone came in the form of the touch screen Asha 310. Way back in 2011, right around the same time Nokia was ...

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Another Blackberry 10 Flagship Keeps the Keys: Meet the Q10

In case you have haven’t heard Blackberry is back. The company is hard at work right now announcing their awesome ne QNX based Blackberry 10 software as well as showing off some of the new handhelds that run it! Blackberry’s CEO announced the Q10 today and it really hits a soft spot for dedicated Blackberry ...

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Just a Few of the best Apple iPad Mini Accessories

Love at first sight, is a good way to explain the iPad Mini. This new slate from Apple provides all the best in tablets in a smaller, compact fashion that is easy to take with you anywhere. While its larger counterpart is the original, the new iPad Mini brings a whole new level of functionality ...

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The Blackberry Patagonia 9620 Makes Treks toward Nextel

In the past few years a new Blackberry was usually deemed the black sheep unicorn of the smart phone world. As the company struggles to hold on to their share of the market, dreams of the Blackberry 10 operating system seem to float around in the minds of anyone still paying attention to the smart ...

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The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q One Step Closer to Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze originally showed up to the market place back in March of this year. Luckily for anyone interested, the Blaze is seemingly getting a Q make over. Back in July a variation of the wildly popular Galaxy S Blaze showed its face on the interwebs, thanks to an unnamed Mr. Blurrycam. ...

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LG’s DoublePlay becomes official and is ready to change texting forever

In recent memory it seems that we have gotten the shaft on envelope pushing designs. Think about it, it’s either a horizontal sliding QWERTY with a huge screen, or just a huge screen. Not that I’m complaining as I surely love my slate styled monster phone, I just seem to miss the days of “Yea, ...

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Motorola’s Admiral Commands a Full QWERTY and a Touchscreen

Need more QWERTY options in your Android lifestyle? Well Motorola has what you need to keep your texts and email’s on point. With the launch of the Droid Pro, Titanium, Spice Key and XPRT you have many choices. When Motorola adds a touch screen to a full QWERTY keypad you get the best of both ...

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