RIM’s Blackberry Playbook takes a trip to the FCC

If you’re patiently waiting the launch of the new Blackberry Playbook, thats good but you have to keep waiting. Grab some more snacks and keep watching as RIM lets the anticipation grow so large that most that were interested are…well losing interest. The concept of a midsized Blackberry tablet is surely enough for any of us to ...

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Dell’s Venue Pro Receives FCC Approval with AT&T 3G Technology

Image of Dell's WP7 powered Venue Pro smart phone

Dell’s Venue Pro smart phone runs Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system and is powered by T-Mobile’s network in the United States but that all might change soon with the news that it has passed FCC approval with a different cellular radio—one that is compatible with AT&T’s 3G network. While T-Mobile and Dell are ...

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WP7 Smartphone ‘E600’ from ASUS Clears FCC

Front of the ASUS E600 after clearing FCC

Asus wants to get into the smart phone game and its coming ASUS E600—which runs Windows Phone 7—has just cleared the FCC. FCC certification is necessary for phones and pretty much all electronic devices to be sold in the US, which means that Asus’s first WP7 smartphone could end up on shelves pretty soon. Interestingly, ...

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Photo: BlackBerry Curve 8980 ‘Atlas’ Passes FCC

The BlackBerry Curve8980 (codenamed ‘Atlas’) has received FCC approval with official photographs but lacks 3G capabilities and comes with BlackBerry OS 5. The device was approved previously by the FCC but now the government agency has released the device’s documentation and pictures. The new curve might just be a China-only refresh of the Curve 8900 ...

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The Palm Pre ’2′ Clears the FCC

Those new Palm devices that HP promised would be coming next year? The Palm Pre '2' just got FCC approval and thus, a sneak peak for all of us. Codenamed the P102, this device won't be the rumored Palm 'Mansion'. Instead of the full touchscreen and lack of keyboard like the Mansion, the P102 is ...

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BlackBerry Curve 9300 “Kepler” Being Approved by FCC—Coming Soon

I have been talking about Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) upcoming new smartphone, the BlackBerry Curve 9300 (code named “Kepler”) quite a bit recently, and the phone will be arriving in stores soon. The proof? It has popped up on the FCC’s online database, meaning it has been finalized and is being tested to ensure ...

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