The Motorola Droid’s Are Back!


Motorola announces the Verizon bound Droid Ultra, Mini and Maxx! Motorola has been very quiet lately as the company has undergone some restructuring under helm of their new ownership. Motorola who at one point was producing multiple handsets every year has not produced a notable smart phone in quite some time. Rumors surrounding the Google ...

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The Very Best Motorola Droid RAZR HD Accessories

    The RAZR is back! But you most likely already knew that. Motorola has pushed forth a redesign of possibly the most legendary cell phone to ever be held in the palms of mankind. The success of the original flip style RAZR has ushered in a new smart phone variation of the name and we are ...

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The New Droid RAZR MAXX HD Ready for Holiday Release

  Motorola is quite possibly the most well know cell phone manufacturer to date. Poised as the inventors of the mobile phone, Motorola has pumped out some amazing handset in its time and the new Android RAZR series devices are no different. From a long line of amazing razor thin devices comes the latest in Android ...

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