ChevronWP7 Unlocking Hack for WP7 Pulled after Microsoft Contacts Developers

Screenshot of ChevronWP7 unlock

  Almost as quickly as it appeared, the only hacking option to switch smartphones running Microsoft’s new WP7 OS—ChevronWP7—into developer mode has disappeared. The reason? Because the technology allows pirated apps to run on the platform and Microsoft’s own Director of Developer Experience for WP7, Brandon Watson, contacted the three man team behind the WP7 develop ...

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Windows Phone 7 Open for Business: Homebrew, Hacking through ChevronWP7

Microsoft’s new WP7 OS for smartphones has received its first “developer mode unlock” which lets you install whatever you want on it. While this doesn’t address the PVK problems regarding WP7 and modified operating systems that can get you banned from Xbox Live, it does work and is reversible. Think of it like the WP7 ...

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