HTC Announces the Desire 510 as their Most Affordable LTE Handset to Date


  HTC produces their most affordable LTE enabled handset to date! The Desire line up of devices got its glorious start way back in 2010 as a high end flagship known throughout the smart phone industry. Since then the device has struggled to keep its footing at the top of the totem pole and has found ...

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Virgin Mobile Announces a HTC Desire


Virgin Mobile announces the HTC Desire 601 as simply, the HTC Desire! Oh, the HTC Desire! The Desire is one of those phones that continuously offer up a solid HTC and Android experience in an awesome little profile. Since the dawn of the first desire the legions of committed fans have stayed strong using the ...

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HTC Announces the Desire 500

HTC Desire 500

The HTC Desire 500 was announced today in Taiwan! It looks as if HTC’s infamous Desire line up of smart phones is back! HTC and the Desire series of smart phones go way back to 2010 when the first variation of the device was launched. Since then countless variations of the handset have launched all ...

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The Unreleased HTC Desire 200 Gets Spotted in the Wild (Video)


  A new HTC Desire emerges into the news this morning! HTC has been pumping out awesome Android handsets since the beginning of the operating systems existence. The original HTC Desire is one of those devices that is a legend in its own right. It’s awesome design, with at the time high end specs and unique ...

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The HTC Desire C Ready to Provide Mid Range Awesome on a Budget!

    As the race for super smart phone immortality seems to be running wild within the ranks of the high end manufacturers, you may notice and sometimes question “why in the world would they build that”. Samsung, HTC and LG are all known for their amazingly high end smart phones with super powers that impress. But ...

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HTC’s new Sense gets an official Closer Look

Just last week the world was introduced to the Desire HD and the Desire Z from HTC. The two phones were the center pieces at the “Desire” event that HTC held in London. Also making a grand appearance into this event was the refresh or update to HTC’s UI Sense. While HTC insisted that Sense ...

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US Cellular launches the HTC Desire August 27

US Cellular has just announced some good news. While checking out their website, it seems that the carrier does not carry an HTC made Android phone. Well ‘times a changing’ the company is scheduled to receive a very powerful HTC Android in the next few weeks. US Cellular customers rejoice! The HTC Desire is comparable to ...

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HTC Desire HD exposed

HTC has made it back into the leaked category with their new Desire HD. The video of the Desire HD comes to the internet over the weekend from the same network of sites that exposed the new HTC WP7 device.  Let’s take a look at the 4.3 inch cousin or almost identical brother to the ...

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HTC Desire gets Froyo this week, Euro only

Froyo the sweet deliciousness of an operating system is finally trickling out into the wilderness. It has been seen in the past, but only under rooted devices or the mother ship Nexus One. But the update is making its rounds and we see it make its way to Europe for the N1’s cousin the HTC ...

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HTC Desire Via Telus

A few days back Telus a Canadian based service provider teased its customer base with some detailed specs of the HTC Desire that will be launching under their service soon. The “tease” came in the form of no pricing and no release date. Well with the advent of some smooth operators, the information may have ...

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