LG’s G Flex Shows Off it’s Curves


The LG G Flex shows off its curves for the camera! LG has hit the headlines once again with their flexible screens being the heated topic. This time however we have glimpse into what LG’s first commercially available flexible device may look like. Unbreakable, bendable, curved and sometimes even awesome are just a few words ...

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Blackberry Announces the 9720


The Blackberry 9720 keeps OS 7 alive! The company formally known as RIM has gone through some drastic changes in the last few months. Earlier this year, in January to be exact, Blackberry took the veil off of their Blackberry Z10 and OS10 operating system. The QNX based system was to offer an entirely new ...

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Blackberry Announces the Q5

Blackberry Q5

  Blackberry announces the Q5! If you haven’t heard Blackberry is on a tear making its way back into the smart phone market with their fancy new operating system and handsets. The Blackberry Z10 and the  Q10 have introduced Blackberry 10 to the masses and now a lower end model is ready to solidify the operating ...

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The Blackerry R10 Gets Caught On Camera


  The Blackberry R10 gets caught in the wild! You may have thought that the company formerly known as RIM would have stopped with their latest Z10 and Q10 models, but the 10’s keep rolling on! Blackberry, up and reinvented themselves recently with a shift in power and finally releasing their advanced Blackberry 10 operating system. ...

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The latest Blackberry Curve 9320 Briefly Surfaces for its Headshot

It is not every day that you hear exciting news coming from the Blackberry maker RIM. In the past few years it seems that the original smart phone manufacturer has been playing catch up with it competitors. Some who have an opinion blame the operating system or the bland hardware designs. Others point the finger ...

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The LG Spectrum and Blackberry Curve 9370 Available Now!

It was a mild winter day sometime toward the end of last year when the LG Spectrum showed face and was all but confirmed as headed to the throws of big red! Today the device launched within Verizon’s spectrum has become a reality. After all the rumors, inventory screen shots and 3D renderings the LG ...

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A Blackberry Curve Touch anyone?

The Blackberry Curve derives from a long heritage of the Blackberry legacy. You can see its ancestor’s beginnings within its curvaceous design and all around high quality hardware. One of the most universally accepted Blackberry’s ever. But what could make it better? Not much when you really try to think about it, however through a ...

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