The 7 inch Samsung Galaxy TabQ Announced in China


The Samsung Galaxy TabQ announced in China! Samsung is not one to stray away from taking chances. The company produces a multitude of different handsets and tablets in more sizes than most any of its competitors and while some fail others like the Mega series of devices surprising are successful enough for a next generation. ...

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A Dual SIM Galaxy S IV Surfaces Before Launch


Is this a sneak peek at the Galaxy S IV? Since the launch of the now infamous Galaxy S III, Galaxy S IV rumors have hit the rumor mill running. With all kinds of unbelievable features the Galaxy S IV has a lot to live up to! From flexible LED’s to gesture control and eye’s ...

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Samsung Brings the Flip Phone Back with the Android based GT-B9120

Quick, tell me the last good smart phone that was built on a hinge, described as a “flip phone” and does not include a full QWERTY keyboard. Ok times, up. But if you did not utter at least something, you may be under the great spell of the slate. Without looking into it, the last ...

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HTC’s New Mid Range Handsets Headed to China providing the Desire of a Dragon

  When a company hits the nail on the head with a perfect build and price point you tend to see them in the news for a while. Samsung has taken over the mobile airwaves when they decide to drop a new Galaxy device and it looks as if the last few weeks it was HTC ...

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