The 7 inch Samsung Galaxy TabQ Announced in China


The Samsung Galaxy TabQ announced in China! Samsung is not one to stray away from taking chances. The company produces a multitude of different handsets and tablets in more sizes than most any of its competitors and while some fail others like the Mega series of devices surprising are successful enough for a next generation. ...

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iPhone 5C Packaging Appears In the Wild


  The iPhone 5C could be Apple’s next, affordable iPhone? In case you have forgotten, Apple the legendary computer company makes smart phones. Recently the company introduced their sixth generation iPhone, the iPhone 5. Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 5 the rumor mill and speculation began boiling over what Apple would announce next in ...

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Samsung’s Luxurious SCH-W2013 is a Dual Touch Screen Flip Smart Phone

  Touch screens have brought electronics a long way and mobile phones, as well as tablets have reaped the majority of their benefits. We are slowly seeing touch screens make their way into our desktops, as well as find themselves in our daily lives with the likes of vending machines, ATM machines and so much more. As ...

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The New Motorola RAZR i MT788 For China Mobile

  When a company in any market place finds a winner, the tendency is to burn it for all its worth! Motorola found much success in the RAZR branding in the past producing over 15 variation of the infamous razor thin flip style icon the RAZR. After a bit of down time for the brand Motorola ...

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HTC goes to China under its own name!

If you have been shopping HTC phone on the internet or in China for that matter, then you may have come across the branding Dopod and thought to yourself what the heck is a Dopod. HTC is a fairly new company that has branded there reliable devices under the name Dopod in China. But the ...

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