The ZTE Iconic Phablet becomes the Boost Max


The ZTE Boost Max becomes official! ZTE is well known across the lands for making some rather affordable hardware. Most of the time when you see a ZTE device here stateside it will come with carrier branding as if the carrier made the handset. Usually its companies like ZTE and Huawei who are manufacturing the ...

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EVLeaks All But Confirms Sprint Ready Nexus 5


  The unannounced LG made Nexus 5 set to see a Sprint release? More news surrounding the Nexus 5 has surfaced to the top of the interwebs today. Unfortunately, this new does not give us any clearer information on its launch date. It does however confirm the handsets destiny. For the most part the Nexus program ...

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iPhone 5C Packaging Appears In the Wild


  The iPhone 5C could be Apple’s next, affordable iPhone? In case you have forgotten, Apple the legendary computer company makes smart phones. Recently the company introduced their sixth generation iPhone, the iPhone 5. Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 5 the rumor mill and speculation began boiling over what Apple would announce next in ...

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New Details Surrounding the Blackberry A10 Leak


Spec’s for the Blackberry A10 leak into the headlines! It seems like only yesterday we were all talking about Blackberry’s spear headed come back into the smart phone market. Back in January of this year Blackberry took the wraps off of their highly anticipated and heavily redesigned Blackberry 10 software that launched alongside the Z10 ...

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Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Launches at Boost Mobile


Boost Mobile and Samsung announce the Galaxy Prevail 2. The original Samsung Galaxy Prevail was announced and subsequently launched about two years ago in April of 2011. The first generation Galaxy Prevail was one of the very first CDMA based Android devices to hit the pre-paid sector and it now seems it’s time for round ...

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Huawei’s Latest 5 Incher the A199 Becomes a Reality


  Huawei brings another 5 inch smart phone to life with the A199. In the past few months Huawei and many other manufacturers have been taking the oversized screen idea to heart! Everywhere you look a new five inch plus handset is popping up and stealing the show! Recently Huawei has pushed the 6.1 inch Ascend ...

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The HTC Droid DNA DLX Takes a Tour of the FCC

In the past year or so the likes of amazingly large handsets have been cropping up all over the place. Most companies that have the resource and even will have taken a stab at the oversized smart phone market, but seemingly only one has prevailed. We have seen Dell make an attempt at the niche ...

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The New Motorola Droid RAZR M 4G LTE Almost Ready to enter the Fray

    Another day another amazing smart phone. Just yesterday LG announced one of their up and coming super phones and it looks like Motorola is following suit. As IFA gets under way we are expecting an onslaught of new smart phones that run the gambit from the low to the high end of the smart phone ...

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The Kyocera Rise Looks Set Launch on Sprint and Virgin Mobile

The Kyocera Rise and Hydro are mid range devices that fill a void left for the most part un-tapped and damp with mediocrity. The two handsets were announced and shown off at CTIA earlier this year, but had no carrier connection. The Hydro as you may remember has made its way to the likes of ...

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Details of An LG Optimus LTE II That Verizon Can Call Their Own

  Back in May almost hours before Samsung announced the now legendary Galaxy S III, LG announced its Optimus LTE 2 a serious and direct competitor to the GSIII. The Optimus LTE II has some serious specs, a huge build and is all that you’ll want in a smart phone. Announced in May, the Optimus LTE ...

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The Motorola Atrix 3 “Dinara” Shows Up for the Bell

The first Motorola Atrix was announced and shown off last year at CES to much fan fare. It was one of Motorola’s initial offerings for its lap dock revolution, it came with a built in biometric fingerprint scanner and was one of the first handsets in the world to rock a dual core chipset. As ...

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Samsung’s new Galaxy Prevail

A new Android device has hit the scene and guess what. It’s a new Galaxy from Samsung. Last year Samsung staked their claim in the smart phone industry and is steadily attempting to reach their goals with the help of that little green fellow we have all come to know Android. The new Galaxy Prevail ...

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HTC Arrive

  Say what you will about Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system, just know its making its way into the hearts and minds of mobile phone shoppers the world over. Ok maybe just the Windows diehards for now, however as WP7 crosses into new carriers and manufacturers the momentum will indeed continue to gain traction. ...

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HTC’s Merge to be their First CDMA Android based World Phone

Details of the HTC Merge have been popping up all over the place in the past few months. The new slider from HTC as gone from confirmed and on the way to rumors of the device being completely scrapped, today however, the rumors have been put to rest as the Merge has been confirmed by ...

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At last the Verizon iPhone 4

  So the time has finally come ladies and gentlemen. The Apple iPhone 4 has finally made its way onto another carrier here in the states. It has been about 4 years in the making and the announcement has officially been made. With the announcment of the much anticipated Verizon iPhone,  At&t iPhone addicts now have no reason ...

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