The Nokia Lumia 1320 Launches with Cricket


The Nokia Lumia 1320 arrives in the US via Cricket! The Nokia made Lumia devices are being made in all different shapes and sizes now. In the era of super sized devices, also known as phablets Nokia has introduced a few devices. The more popular addition to the oversized Lumia line up was the Lumia ...

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Is the HTC Desire 610 Heading to Ma’Bell?


The HTC Desire 610 makes its way to Ma’bell! HTC and their new Desires are making themselves available. Take a look at most of HTC’s competitors and you’ll notice a never ending array of mid range devices that are priced affordably and seemingly sell very well. HTC’s new line up of Desire’s are set to ...

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iPhone 5C Packaging Appears In the Wild


  The iPhone 5C could be Apple’s next, affordable iPhone? In case you have forgotten, Apple the legendary computer company makes smart phones. Recently the company introduced their sixth generation iPhone, the iPhone 5. Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 5 the rumor mill and speculation began boiling over what Apple would announce next in ...

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The Nokia Lumia 720 Makes Its way Through FCC Approvals


The Nokia Lumia 720 gets ready for its American debut! In the last few weeks a few Nokia devices have been appearing, and then re-appearing in the news. Most recently the Lumia 520 and 720 got some price points and launch windows for the UK, but the question still remained, when will one of these ...

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5 Inches of Android for only Fifty Bucks?

mogu s1

  A fifty dollar 5 inch Android phone you’ll most likely never see. Since its inception Android has spread around the world like wild fire! Mostly because it provides an awesome user experience, but also because it is an open source operating system that most any manufacturer can pop on their handset and tinker around. Because ...

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The ZTE Blade C Announced and Ready For Action

While today may be all about Blackberry, that can’t stop, won’t stop the Android wave. As Android continues to control the majority of the smart phone market it is partially due to the lower end of the market. Android runs the gambit from the super phones like the Note II to the lower end base ...

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Ma’Bells New Pantech Discover!

    CES is officially under way and it didn’t take long for an awesome new handset to be unveiled. Pantech may not be the company you think of when you’re considering a high end, top of the line smart phone, however Pantech does do affordable and the new At&t Discover is a combination of awesome and ...

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A Galaxy S III For MetroPCS to Call Their Own

“The next big thing is already here” and spreading like wild fire. The Samsung Galaxy S III is indeed a phone to reckon with. A device that has surely help set the smart phone bar pretty high. The Samsung Galaxy S III was announced back in May and it didn’t take long to launch on ...

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Another Galaxy: The Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE is Made Official for the Now Network

So many galaxies, so little time. Samsung has really taken a liking to this whole Galaxy line up of phones. Since the brands inception it seems like there has been a new Galaxy announced weekly. With a Samsung Galaxy for pretty much every level of phone Samsung is really pushing the limits of how much ...

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The LG Escape Gets Official With a Low Price Point on Ma’Bell

  Android is everywhere! It is in all types of different phones and tablets from the highest end of the market to the lowest, but every once and a while a new Android handset perfectly meets somewhere in the middle of specs affordable pricing. The new LG Escape is one of those options. This amazing new ...

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The Samsung Exhilarate Enters The Budget Minded Market with some Awesomeness in tow

One may think with the launch of the Galaxy S III underway, Samsung may take a step back and have a minute to themselves, but alas, there are non Galaxy using smart phone owners out there, work is never done! Earlier this year At&t took the stage for their developer summit. In the midst of ...

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The HTC Desire C Ready to Provide Mid Range Awesome on a Budget!

    As the race for super smart phone immortality seems to be running wild within the ranks of the high end manufacturers, you may notice and sometimes question “why in the world would they build that”. Samsung, HTC and LG are all known for their amazingly high end smart phones with super powers that impress. But ...

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