New Details Surrounding the Blackberry A10 Leak


Spec’s for the Blackberry A10 leak into the headlines! It seems like only yesterday we were all talking about Blackberry’s spear headed come back into the smart phone market. Back in January of this year Blackberry took the wraps off of their highly anticipated and heavily redesigned Blackberry 10 software that launched alongside the Z10 ...

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New Photo’s and Details of the Blackberry R10 Emerge


New details surrounding the Blackberry R10 have emerged. With all the hype surrounding the latest in Android and what Apple will do next, it’s easy to forget that one of the best phone makers in the business have just reinvented themselves. Blackberry has recently been on a roll producing new variation of their timeless designs ...

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The Blackberry Z10 May Launch a Bit Sooner Than Expected In the U.S.

  A Blackberry you may actually want may prove to show up at T-Mobile a bit sooner than expected. In case you haven’t heard, the Blackberry is back. Unfortunately right now, it’s only back in half swing as its touch screen Z10 model is only officially available in the UK and Canada, but everyone here stateside ...

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The Blackberry Android Runtime Layer Slated for a 4.1 Jelly Bean Update

Fun fact! The new Blackberry 10 operating system runs Android applications! If you follow mobile news at all you may here that “Android is in everything” from time to time. While it may seem like an overstatement it is indeed true. From super affordable tablets, to washers, dryers, refrigerators, light bulbs and to top it ...

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BlackBerry Still Rules the U.S. Says Analysts

Comparing market numbers for smartphones is a crazy game, with each survey, analyst and company filing saying different things. comScore—a market analytics company—claims that its research shows that Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerrys still have a hefty 37.3% chunk of the overall US smartphone market. Apple’s iPhone is holding steady at 24.3% and Google’s Android ...

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RIM Might Be Using QNX’s BlackBerry Tablet OS for its Smartphones Eventually

 Research In Motion (RIM) might just end up using the still in development BlackBerry Tablet OS for all of its smartphones in the future. The Wall Street Journal already hinted at the possibility from information it gathered from its sources last week, and now RIM's senior vice president of the BlackBerry Platform—Alan Brenner—has hinted at ...

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