Blackberry Announces the 9720


The Blackberry 9720 keeps OS 7 alive! The company formally known as RIM has gone through some drastic changes in the last few months. Earlier this year, in January to be exact, Blackberry took the veil off of their Blackberry Z10 and OS10 operating system. The QNX based system was to offer an entirely new ...

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New Details Surrounding the Blackberry A10 Leak


Spec’s for the Blackberry A10 leak into the headlines! It seems like only yesterday we were all talking about Blackberry’s spear headed come back into the smart phone market. Back in January of this year Blackberry took the wraps off of their highly anticipated and heavily redesigned Blackberry 10 software that launched alongside the Z10 ...

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Blackberry OS 7 is not backwards compatible

Today brings big news of RIM’s latest endeavors in the mobile sector. RIM is hosting Blackberry World this week in Orlando Florida and is showing off some new goodies as well as getting developers keen to their new OS. The Blackberry Bold series has been officially updated and is pretty much spot on with the ...

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BlackBerry Storm 3 Canceled!? BlackBerry OS 6 Updates on the Way

Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry Storm 3 might be canceled. According to Engadget's sources, the Storm 3 has been canceled on Verizon Wireless's network. Before you go rioting, keep two things in mind: the Storm 3 as has been rumored (the 9570) was just a slightly updated Storm 2 with more RAM and slightly faster ...

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RIM Might Be Using QNX’s BlackBerry Tablet OS for its Smartphones Eventually

 Research In Motion (RIM) might just end up using the still in development BlackBerry Tablet OS for all of its smartphones in the future. The Wall Street Journal already hinted at the possibility from information it gathered from its sources last week, and now RIM's senior vice president of the BlackBerry Platform—Alan Brenner—has hinted at ...

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