iPhone 6 Improves Touch ID and add’s a Beat’s by Dre Chip


New details about Apple next generation iPhone 6 emerge! Rumors surrounding Apples iPhone usually begin to crop up a few weeks after the last generation device gets launched. The wild speculation usually takes on a life of its own and very rarely do some of the details comes into fruition upon the devices launch. Many ...

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HTC’s Sensation XE officially brings Beats Audio to Mobile

    While HTC gears up for its NYC even later next week, the devices they are rumored to be announcing are showing up all over the interwebs.  While the RunnyMede and Bliss or Rhyme may be at the forefront of the press event it may also be graced with the likes of the refreshed HTC Sensation. ...

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HTC’s RunnyMede to include Beats Audio headset and acoustical tuning!

About a month ago HTC teamed up with the infamous Beats Audio company, you know that Beats by Dre thingy. The deal went down for some 300 million dollars and the likes of the companies’ high end audio will be seen on new HTC devices. While speculation on exactly how this pairing would be brought ...

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