The HTC Desire 400 Set to release in Russia and the Ukraine


A new HTC Desire 400 pops up across the interwebs! The original HTC Desire at one point was an Android flagship that all other devices looked up to. The handset was almost like an early Nexus device in some ways. Since those early days of Desire, the device has turned into something a bit different. ...

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At&t Bound HTC One Mini Appears In Wild Press Renderings


An At&t bound HTC One Mini appears in press renderings! HTC and their recently launched One have been in strong contention with the Galaxies and iPhone’s of the day, however keeping up with the Jones’s is no small order! Its mini! Samsung has recently been on a global tare with their Galaxy wares and HTC ...

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HTC Announces the Desire 500

HTC Desire 500

The HTC Desire 500 was announced today in Taiwan! It looks as if HTC’s infamous Desire line up of smart phones is back! HTC and the Desire series of smart phones go way back to 2010 when the first variation of the device was launched. Since then countless variations of the handset have launched all ...

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The HTC One Mini M4 Pictured Next to the One

HTC One HTC One Mini M4

    Pictures of the HTC One Mini leak out. Not to be outdone by their competitors, HTC is reportedly getting a new variation of their latest flagship into the market place. Recently rumors surrounding HTC One’s in color have surfaced to the top of the interwebs. But new details surrounding a miniature HTC One just keep ...

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The HTC One M7 Shows Off A bit More Skin Before Launch

The HTC One shows off leaky press renderings before its big day. Many moons have passed since the first HTC M7 rumor appeared in the headlines and it has not stopped since. The HTC M7 started to leak out a while back and details, pictures, renderings, spec lists and launch dates have all had their ...

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The HTC M7 To Be Announced February 19th?

Where is HTC? Well if the invitations to their next even are any idea, they are hard at work! HTC is most definitely hard at work; however exactly they are cooking up is still a mystery. The company has recently taken the back burner position to Samsung in the battle of the Droid’s as their ...

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The HTC M7 To Make CES Debut?

  Juicy rumors of a new HTC smart phone can really ignite your senses. The latest rumors from the companies direction pins a quietly rumored handset to an official announcement for CES. CES is one of the largest consumer electronics shows in the world. This time of year most companies are prepping their latest in wares ...

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HTC One SV Heads to the UK

  Branding in mobile market is invaluable. With the right brand you can sell water to a whale! Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but look at the plethora of Galaxies that have invaded our space in the past few years, or put an i in front of anything and you can sell it for a premium! ...

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The HTC Droid DNA DLX Takes a Tour of the FCC

In the past year or so the likes of amazingly large handsets have been cropping up all over the place. Most companies that have the resource and even will have taken a stab at the oversized smart phone market, but seemingly only one has prevailed. We have seen Dell make an attempt at the niche ...

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A new HTC ICS Mystery Phone Seemingly Shows Off More of the Same

As the industry ramps up for the events to take place in the coming weeks at MWC in Barcelona, many impressive devices are leaking into the public eye. While all the leaks we really want to see are tightly wrapped, we are getting peeks at a few LG devices like the LG Optimus Vu, the ...

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HTC’s Sensation XE officially brings Beats Audio to Mobile

    While HTC gears up for its NYC even later next week, the devices they are rumored to be announcing are showing up all over the interwebs.  While the RunnyMede and Bliss or Rhyme may be at the forefront of the press event it may also be graced with the likes of the refreshed HTC Sensation. ...

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HTC’s RunnyMede to include Beats Audio headset and acoustical tuning!

About a month ago HTC teamed up with the infamous Beats Audio company, you know that Beats by Dre thingy. The deal went down for some 300 million dollars and the likes of the companies’ high end audio will be seen on new HTC devices. While speculation on exactly how this pairing would be brought ...

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