New Apple Rumors Suggest a 4.9 Inch iPhone and a 12.9 inch iPad


New Apple rumors again suggest larger iPhones and iPad’s. The last time Apple announced some new handsets the company unveiled their new iPhone 5S and created a new category within their rankings with the iPhone 5C. These new handsets were announced and launched back in September and as you’d expect the rumors surrounding the company’s ...

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iPhone 5S Rumors Heat Up With Colors!

In midst of Apple releases a lot of people are always wondering what’s next! Even after the release of the latest and greatest iPhone 5 many end users and interested parties wanted to know what the next version of the iPhone has in store. Whether the intrigue stems from purchasing decisions, or pure excitement, the next ...

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15 Million iPhone 5’s enter into production?

iPhone 5 rumors starting heating up pretty much the same day the iPhone 4 was announced. As the launch of a new iPhone grows closer more analysts and people close to the issue drop little pieces of info that usually just arouse more questions. Currently as the rumors persist there are two lines of thought. ...

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