Apple Pulls WikiLeaks App for iOS from iTunes

Wikileaks app

Apple has joined the fight against Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks organization—or so it appears. A WikiLeaks app was pulled by Apple from its iTunes App Store only a few days after it hit the distribution service. Before the WikiLeaks fan boys and girls start spamming the comments with pro-freedom of speech arguments and bashing Steve Jobs as ...

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iOS App Roundup: Infinity Blade, Thoughts and Eternal Legacy

Screenshot of the iOS game Infinity Blade

Quite a few interesting apps have come out recently for Apple’s iOS platform. ChAIR Entertainment’s highly anticipated game—Infinity Blade—was released yesterday. Just a day before that, Gameloft released an RPG called Eternal Lagacy that just screams Final Fantasy. Oh, and if your thumbs need a break from gaming on your iPhone, Jawbone launched its Thoughts ...

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$1.99 iPhone App Saves Basketball Player’s Life

Picture of a basketball

An iPhone app called ‘Phone Aid’ has been credited with saving a teenage basketball player’s life after his heart stopped during practice. The 17-year-old, Xavier Jones, collapsed but was resuscitated by two of his coaches with CPR guided by the app. The $1.99 Phone Aid app guides users through emergency treatment for the most common ...

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Id’s Rage Hits iTunes for Sale—It Will Blow You away

Id Software’s Rage is finally available on the iTunes App Store.  In case you haven’t heard about Rage yet, it is a gorgeous on-rails shooter that allows you to look around in all directions as you move around. Personally, I’m not a big fan of shooters on rails, but the ability to look around makes ...

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Skyfire Pulls Itself from iTunes Store Because of Service Disruption

  The highly anticipated Skyfire app has been pulled from Apple’s iTunes Store by its developer because of disruption to its service that allows iPhone owners to view streaming Flash videos on their smartphone. Skyfire launched on the app store yesterday, a day ahead of schedule but the sheer influx of users quickly slowed video streaming ...

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PayPal Option Coming to Google’s Android Market

PayPal accidentally leaked that Google’s Android Market will be offering PayPal as a payment option in the very near future. The leaked information came through an accidental post on PayPal’s blog that stated “Today Google announced that you can use PayPal to buy apps on their Android Market.” The post was quickly deleted and Google ...

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300,000 iOS Apps in the iTunes App Store

Since the last time anyone checked, Apple’s iTunes App Store has increased its offerings by approximately 50,000 to a total of more than 300,000 apps. The split between paid and free apps is about two to one. Nearly a thousand new apps are appearing on a daily basis. The iPhone 4 is selling amazingly well ...

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