Word Lens Turns iPhones into Camera-based Translators

Now it's Spanish, now it's English. Believe it.

  Forget clunky pocket dictionaries when traveling abroad and even smart phone based translators that require users to enter text to be translated—Quest Visual’s new World Lens app on iTunes uses the camera in iPhones to translate through the power of augmented reality. Signs, menus, you name it can all be viewed through the app and ...

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Google Voice App Finally Arrives on Apple’s iPod touch and iPad

Google Voice iOS app screenshot

Google’s Google Voice app was released back in November for the iPhone but Apple’s two other iOS devices—the iPod touch and the iPad—didn’t get the app. In a strange twist, Google released an iPhone only version. The company has fixed that however, and is now offering the app for the iPod touch and the iPad ...

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iOS App Roundup: Infinity Blade, Thoughts and Eternal Legacy

Screenshot of the iOS game Infinity Blade

Quite a few interesting apps have come out recently for Apple’s iOS platform. ChAIR Entertainment’s highly anticipated game—Infinity Blade—was released yesterday. Just a day before that, Gameloft released an RPG called Eternal Lagacy that just screams Final Fantasy. Oh, and if your thumbs need a break from gaming on your iPhone, Jawbone launched its Thoughts ...

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iOS 4.2 Is Finally Here!

Apple finally released version 4.2 of iOS today and everything you wanted or expected in the update is there. AirPlay is finally here and the iPad finally can multitask. More details after the jump. Now that iOS 4.2 has been released, iPad and iPhone/iPod touch users are finally running the same operating system. iOS users should ...

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Amazon’s New Price Check App Is a Must for Your iPhone This Holiday


Amazon has a new app out for the iPhone today—one that will make your holiday shopping far less of a headache and let you find the best price right at the store. Called Price Check, Amazon’s new app is for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Through an Internet connection, it searches Amazon.com and the company’s merchants. Just enter a product through one of the four easy methods—barcode, picture, voice and typing—and you get back a list of matches and their prices at various retailers. Screenshots at the bottom!

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iOS 4.2 and the Coming 4.2.1 Update Already Jailbroken

No need to worry jailbreakers, the coming iOS 4.2 update has already been jailbroken. Worried that the new 4.2.1 version of iOS is up on Apple’s website for developers ahead of the launch of 4.2 is a bad sign? No worries there either. The hack implemented in GreenPosion and the rest of the jailbreaking tools ...

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Even Sprint Has an iPhone—Kinda

  Sprint wants in on the iPhone hoopla and has done the best that it can under the circumstances—the ZTE Peel case that goes on sale November 14th  can turn your iPod touch into an iPhone of sorts. The Peel works as an case that you put your iPod touch 2nd or 3rd generation into (the ...

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VLC Media Player Finally Released for iPhone

  The popular media player—VLC—has finally been released for the iPhone and iPod touch. An iPad version of the app has already been available, and it is good to see that the team behind the free software hasn’t forgotten about those with pocket sized iOS devices. In case you have never used VLC Media Player on ...

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Samsung Galaxy S Takes on the iPhone, iPad and Now iPod touch

Apple has some competition from Samsung in an unlikely sector. Sure, the iPhone has managed to propel itself into second place globally in terms of smartphone marketshare but now Apple’s core business—music—might be under attack from the Galaxy S series of smart devices. Samsung already has like half a dozen Galaxy S series smartphones hitting ...

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Time for iOS Users to Upgrade Their Older Devices? iOS 4 Doesn’t Like Them

Many people are still using dated iOS devices. Nothing wrong with that, since they still work fine (even if the home button does seem to wear out eventually), but Apple does not seem to be very keen on them. After all, Apple doesn’t want you using your original iPhone 2G, an iPhone 3G, or an ...

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VLC Comes to iPad, iPhone Version in the Works

The popular open source media player—VLC Media Player—has just hit the iTunes App Store for the iPad. The maker, Applidium, has also confirmed that an iPhone and iPod touch version are in the works but they decided to go with the iPad version first. The source code for the app is also available online already ...

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Apple’s iOS 4.2 Coming Sooner Than Expected?

       The next version of iOS might show up on Apple's devices sooner than anyone expected. The first beta version of the new operating system has already been distributed. For those not paying attention to the endless stream of factoids floating about the iOS news sites, iOS 4.2 is the one that will unify Apple's iPod ...

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The iPhone 4 Keeps its Edge over iPod touch

  Apple's new iPod touch  has been broken down, and while Apple certainly has beefed it up, some things found in the iPhone 4 have been cut. The cameras are of lower quality, still no GPS is to be found, and only 256MB of RAM lies under the case. Read on for the juicy details. I can ...

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Anyone Else Want an iPhone Controlled Quadrocopter Drone? (Video)

  The AR Drone—a piece of engineering genius from developing company Parrot S.A.—lets you fly a hovering drone craft with video cameras from your iPhone or iPod touch. This is certainly the coolest piece of news I have ever had the pleasure to report on while being an iPhone blogger. The AR Drone combines a geek's ...

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StarCraft 2 on Your iPhone Anyone?

Everyone loves StarCraft. Okay, maybe not quite everyone, but unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade and a few, you have probably heard of the StarCraft franchise. It is one of the most successful in gaming history after all. But what does a PC game have to do with the ...

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