iPhone 6 Improves Touch ID and add’s a Beat’s by Dre Chip


New details about Apple next generation iPhone 6 emerge! Rumors surrounding Apples iPhone usually begin to crop up a few weeks after the last generation device gets launched. The wild speculation usually takes on a life of its own and very rarely do some of the details comes into fruition upon the devices launch. Many ...

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iPhone 6 aka iPhone Air Rumored to measure in at 6mm thin and have a 4.7 inch screen?


The iPhone 6 aka the iPhone Air rumored to launch with a 4.7 inch screen and an 8 mega pixel camera? A new year is under way and only a few days in the iPhone rumors begin! As you know a new year eventually means a new iPhone and true to iPhone tradition the rumors ...

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Rumors Say NFC iPhone Technology Will Revolutionize Computing

Apple is widely expected to incorporate near field communications (NFC) technology into the iPhone 5 which is due next sometime next year. The technology has been expected to incorporate mobile payment into the smartphone and allow Apple to use its iTunes store as a form of wireless payment at stores. Now the Cult of Mac ...

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