Apple’s Next Flagship the iPhone 5S


The iPhone 5S becomes a reality. But is it the next ‘big thing’? Only time will answer that question, however given Apple’s track record we here at WirelessGround are betting on the new iPhone 5S to be just as popular as previous models. Tuesday morning the tech world was buzzing as Apple’s announcement for this ...

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iPhone 5C Packaging Appears In the Wild


  The iPhone 5C could be Apple’s next, affordable iPhone? In case you have forgotten, Apple the legendary computer company makes smart phones. Recently the company introduced their sixth generation iPhone, the iPhone 5. Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 5 the rumor mill and speculation began boiling over what Apple would announce next in ...

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iPhone 5S Rumors Heat Up With Colors!

In midst of Apple releases a lot of people are always wondering what’s next! Even after the release of the latest and greatest iPhone 5 many end users and interested parties wanted to know what the next version of the iPhone has in store. Whether the intrigue stems from purchasing decisions, or pure excitement, the next ...

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