Video Calling over 3G via Skype 3.0 for iOS

Skype 3.0 3 is here and it lets allows video calls over Wi-Fi and 3G.

The iPhone finally has an alternative to FaceTime for video calling and it works over AT&T’s 3G network. That’s right—Skype 3.0 is finally out after much speculation. Of course, it uses approximately three megabytes of data a minute and could quite easily destroy your phone bill if you’re not careful. Skype 3.0 supports video calling on ...

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Does your iPhone 4’s Camera Tint Photos Blue in the Center?


It has been a while since I wrote a story about hardware problems with Apple’s iPhone 4 but this deserves mentioning. Apparently, many iPhone 4 owners are complaining that the smartphone tints the center of photos blue. The problem is only really noticeable when pictures of white objects are taken. We’ve all experienced or at least ...

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Rumor: Apple Expects to Sell 5+ Million Verizon iPhones by March

Verizon Wireless and Apple's iPhone 4

Apple’s new target for iPhone sales in the first quarter of 2011? 20-21 million units according to Digitimes, which cites anonymous sources in Taiwan involved with component manufacturers. The big news out of all of this is that five to six million of those iPhones will be CDMA compatible and thus capable of running on ...

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Apple iPhone 4 Getting NFC Payment Abilities in Japan with ‘Stickers’

A sticker can turn an iPhone 4 into a portable, wireless credit card.

Japan’s iPhone 4s will receive the ability to function as mobile payment options through the magic of near field communication (NFC) in February 2011. Before you start clamoring for your own iPhone 4 to do the same, realize that Japanese carrier Softbank is relying on a third-party option to make its iPhone 4s NFC capable. ...

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BlackBerry and iPhone Dominated the Year in U.S. Phone Sales

The iPhone took 3 of the top 10 spots in smartphone sales this year.

Nielson has released its list of the most popular phones in the United States over the past year and the results are quite surprising. Both iPhone maker Apple and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion easily dominated the list which was not limited to just smart phones. (Keep in mind that Nielson tracked from September 2009 ...

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Apple Using Santa to Sell iPhone 4s in New Advertisement

Apple is using Santa to sell you these now.

Count on Apple to get into the holiday spirit with a Santa themed iPhone 4 commercial. The new commercial shows a little boy eagerly talking to Santa Claus via FaceTime on an iPhone 4. Of course, Santa in this case is actually his father dressed up and in the garage. Check out the video below. Santa ...

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Verizon iPhone LTE 4G Rumored to Be Announced after Christmas


You will want to take this news with a healthy dose of skepticism but given the number of people out there impatiently waiting for Verizon Wireless to finally starts selling a model of Apple’s iPhone, I think this is worth tossing out there: Verizon will reportedly receive an LTE 4G compatible iPhone right after Christmas. ...

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Could Apple’s Stock Price (APPL) Hit $390 off of iPhone and iPad Sales?

Graph showing Apple's profit rising to meet iPhone

Despite ‘Antennagate’, the delay until next year of the white iPhone 4 and supply issues that are hampering sales right now, Apple’s stock price is projected to hit around the $390 mark according to multiple analysts. Why such a high number? Apple’s stock price right now (APPL) is hovering around $318. A $70+ jump per ...

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Verizon iPhone Could Put a Hurting on Android Sales in the US According to Analysts

Verizon Wireless picture with Apple iPhone and Google Android

AT&T has been the exclusive carrier for Apple’s iPhone since 2007 when the first model of the very popular smart phone first came out. That all could be changing early next year when Verizon Wireless is widely expected to receive its own model of the iPhone 4. The strong success of smart phones powered by ...

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Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 on All iOS Devices Coming Soon

Twitter screen shot confirming untethered jailbreak of iOS 4.2.1

Don’t worry iPhone jailbreakers—the iPhone Dev Team has confirmed that an untethered jailbreak is working right now for iOS devices running version 4.2.1. (A ‘tethered’ jailbreak is one that requires you to plug your iOS device into your PC each time you restart it to re-jailbreak it.) While the hacker team has not yet released ...

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Verizon Might Be Willing to Pay Apple to Keep the iPhone off T-Mobile and Sprint

Verizon Wireless and Apple's iPhone 4

Speculation from analysts is pointing towards Verizon getting its own kind of exclusivity deal for the iPhone. No, AT&T will still carry its model of the iPhone as well but Verizon could be willing to pay extra to keep the smart phone off of rival carriers T-Mobile and Sprint. According to Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw ...

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The Samsung Nexus S Versus the Apple iPhone 4—Intial Comparisons


Now that the highly anticipated Nexus S from Google and Samsung has been officially announced and has its launch date, it’s time to compare it to Apple’s iPhone 4. C’mon, you just knew the comparisons would start already. Don’t worry. I’ll be as objective as possible. Screen: The Nexus S comes with a 4-inch Super AMOLED display ...

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Verizon’s iPhone Gets First Quarter of 2011 Release Date

Apple could be releasing a highly anticipated version of its iPhone 4 on Verizon Wirelesses network in the first three months of next year. That’s according to the Wall Street Journal in case you were wondering. This all begs the question though—are the rumors real? They’ve been around for three years now and only grow ...

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iPhone Rumors Rundown: iOS 4.2 and the Verizon iPhone

No iOS 4.2 release yet despite the nearly constant stream of rumors concerning its launch this month. Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated that the update would come out in November and while the final beta build has gone out to developers to test with their apps, it still has not seen the light of day. ...

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Apple’s iPhone 4 Extremely Fragile but Somehow the Most Reliable

  Apple’s new iPhone 4 is the most reliable smartphone on the market. It is also the one most likely to suffer accidental damage. That is what the numbers from SquareTrade say anyway. How does that work out? Let me explain. SquareTrade—a third party warrant company that covers smartphones—used a sample size of 50,000 smartphones over a ...

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