New Apple Rumors Suggest a 4.9 Inch iPhone and a 12.9 inch iPad


New Apple rumors again suggest larger iPhones and iPad’s. The last time Apple announced some new handsets the company unveiled their new iPhone 5S and created a new category within their rankings with the iPhone 5C. These new handsets were announced and launched back in September and as you’d expect the rumors surrounding the company’s ...

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Apples Next Generation iPad: The iPad Air


Apple launches the iPad Air! The iPad has come a long way in a very small amount of time and its next generation build has just been launched. The original iPad was launched only a mere three years ago in 2010 and since then the device has ‘changed the world’ and gone through a few ...

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Apple announces the iPad Mini with Retina Display


Apple announces the new iPad Mini with retina display. It’s that magical time again folks. The time of the year when Apple beings to bring forth their latest in iOS gadgets. There are only a few weeks until the holiday season is officially open and Apple has just launched new iPads to accompany their new ...

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Apple Announces a 128 GB New iPad With Retina Display

  The Apple iPad! It comes and goes. It’s announced; we wow and get our cash ready! The interim usually brings us no real Apple news. Yea there are a few scattered rumors here and there about their upcoming model.  But never any random improvements or hardware tweaks to the current models. Outside of iOS updates, ...

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Just a Few of the best Apple iPad Mini Accessories

Love at first sight, is a good way to explain the iPad Mini. This new slate from Apple provides all the best in tablets in a smaller, compact fashion that is easy to take with you anywhere. While its larger counterpart is the original, the new iPad Mini brings a whole new level of functionality ...

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The Apple iPad Mini is Here!

  Sometimes, the impossible happens! A long time ago in a distant universe lived this amazing gadget called the iPad. The iPad was said to revolutionize the way mere mortals did personal computing. While this amazing new piece of technology has had its way with the market place, it is surely not done. When the original ...

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Rumor: Three iPad 2 Models, 65 Million to Ship in 2011

Can the iPad 2 take on Android and BlackBerry at once for tablet dominance in 2011?

The latest iPad 2 rumors point to three different models being released in 2011. While it makes sense that Apple would sell a Wi-Fi only version, a CDMA compatible model for Verizon’s network and a GSM compatible model for AT&T and possibly T-Mobile networks, things get tricky after that point. 65 million iPads could ship ...

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New iPad 2 Rumor Hints at Size and Speakers

apple logo

While the Apple iPad 2 rumors have been big touting improved specs like screen resolution, processor speed and the like, the latest talks about the actual physical dimensions of the tablet and the speakers inside. Okay, it is not the most exciting stuff, but it should keep your iPad love under control until you can ...

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BlackBerry Losing out to iOS at Businesses Because of Screen Size?

Business intelligence—basically business executive reports—on smart phones never really took off in the pre-iPhone era because of screen size limitations. At least that is what Sanju Bansal, the chief operating officer at Microstrategy says. In a recent article from Forbes, his view of what is driving corporate growth of custom apps for its employees is ...

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Google Voice App Finally Arrives on Apple’s iPod touch and iPad

Google Voice iOS app screenshot

Google’s Google Voice app was released back in November for the iPhone but Apple’s two other iOS devices—the iPod touch and the iPad—didn’t get the app. In a strange twist, Google released an iPhone only version. The company has fixed that however, and is now offering the app for the iPod touch and the iPad ...

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Could Apple’s Stock Price (APPL) Hit $390 off of iPhone and iPad Sales?

Graph showing Apple's profit rising to meet iPhone

Despite ‘Antennagate’, the delay until next year of the white iPhone 4 and supply issues that are hampering sales right now, Apple’s stock price is projected to hit around the $390 mark according to multiple analysts. Why such a high number? Apple’s stock price right now (APPL) is hovering around $318. A $70+ jump per ...

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Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 on All iOS Devices Coming Soon

Twitter screen shot confirming untethered jailbreak of iOS 4.2.1

Don’t worry iPhone jailbreakers—the iPhone Dev Team has confirmed that an untethered jailbreak is working right now for iOS devices running version 4.2.1. (A ‘tethered’ jailbreak is one that requires you to plug your iOS device into your PC each time you restart it to re-jailbreak it.) While the hacker team has not yet released ...

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Fresh iPad 2 Rumors—Retina Display and USB Possible

  According to Chinese language Economic Daily News, Apple’s iPad 2 will incorporate five new features that are sure to please tablet fans. The newspaper cites unnamed industry sources (Apple’s iOS lineup is built in China after all) that say the next generation of iPad will have video phone, better mobility, USB, new display technology and ...

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Apple Could Release iOS 4.3 Update in December

Apple might have plans to release its iOS 4.3 update as early as December. At least that’s what the rumors are saying. The iOS 4.2 update was delayed until this past Monday and turned out to actually be version 4.2.1. If iOS 4.3 does launch in December, the rapid update could coincide with the release ...

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iOS 4.2 Is Finally Here!

Apple finally released version 4.2 of iOS today and everything you wanted or expected in the update is there. AirPlay is finally here and the iPad finally can multitask. More details after the jump. Now that iOS 4.2 has been released, iPad and iPhone/iPod touch users are finally running the same operating system. iOS users should ...

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