Apples Next Generation iPad: The iPad Air


Apple launches the iPad Air! The iPad has come a long way in a very small amount of time and its next generation build has just been launched. The original iPad was launched only a mere three years ago in 2010 and since then the device has ‘changed the world’ and gone through a few ...

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Apple Announces a 128 GB New iPad With Retina Display

  The Apple iPad! It comes and goes. It’s announced; we wow and get our cash ready! The interim usually brings us no real Apple news. Yea there are a few scattered rumors here and there about their upcoming model.  But never any random improvements or hardware tweaks to the current models. Outside of iOS updates, ...

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A Fresh Selection of Apple iPad Mini Accessories at your Fingertips

Your iPad Mini is quite possibly one of the most beautiful hardware designs the world has ever seen. Its amazingly thin frame and minimal aluminum and glass build makes the iPad Mini a wonder of the modern world! With amazing attention to detail with its hardware, it’s no surprise millions have already fallen in love ...

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