HP Launches their new HP 8 Android Tablet


HP quietly launches a new Android tablet! Remember HP? Of course you do. It is likely in your collection of computers, printers and laptops you own or have owned at least one HP product. What you probably do not own is an HP mobile gadget. HP has been mostly miss when it comes to hitting ...

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ZTE’s Optik 2 Launches with the Now Network


ZTE and Sprint launch the Optik 2 tablet! Tablets have become a staple in our now connected lives. We rely on tablets to keep us in the loop and entertained for hours on end. Since the glaring popularity and new market created by the iPad, hundreds of tablets from a handful of manufacturers have surfaced ...

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Verizon Announces the Ellipsis 7 Inch Tablet


Verizon set to launch an awesomely affordable Ellipsis 7 inch Android tablet! In the world of high end flagship smart phones and tablets it’s not necessarly hard to come across a device at an affordable price point. Unfortunately, for the most part these devices in terms of hardware are nothing to write home about. The ...

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Dell Announces the Venue 7 and Venue 8 Tablets Running Android 4.2.2


  Dell introduces two affordable Android tablets, the Venue 7 and Venue 8!  It has been a while since the mobile world has heard a peep out of Dell and recently the seal has been broken. Back in September the company went on the record and announced they would be reviving their Venue series of devices. ...

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Vizio Adds New Smart Phones To their Line Up

    Vizio is a well known company. There is a solid chance that you or someone very close to you has a Vizio televisoion hanging in their house somewhere! Vizio is an American made consumer electronics company that has recently taken their success from television sets into the PC and now the smart phone and table ...

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The Google Nexus 10 is Cut from The Awesome Cloth

Samsung is known for a lot of things. Tv’s, computer chips, smart phones, laptops, computers and…tablets. In recent memory Samsung has thrown more tablets into the market than seemingly any of its competitors and surely more than have been offered in any time in recorded history. Recently the Galaxy Tab 2 series of slates and ...

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The Google Nexus 7 Tablet Leaks Out before Launch

  The Google Nexus device has a long standing tradition as excellent hardware that provides a glimpse into the future of Android’s amazing operating system. For years Google would launch the new version of their operating system accompanied by an amazing piece of hardware which was initially designed for Android developers to get the apps in ...

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The Galaxy Tab 2 has become official, provides yet another tablet option from Samsung

It has been quite some time since Samsung launched their first tablet. The original Samsung Galaxy Tab was made official in September of 2010. The device seemingly sparked the Galaxy name and did not mention “7” in title.  Since the launch of this game changing tablet Samsung is now on their second generation Galaxies. We ...

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LG confirms Tablet for Q4

So the idea of tablets taking over your life is about as farfetched as that smartphone taking over your life right? The idea of a tablet has been around for quite some time and have made there appearance in the past but did not take off to well. I guess something’s you just need to ...

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