Acer announces the Liquid E3 and Liquid Z4 Smart Phones


Acer announces their Liquid E3 and Liquid Z4 smart phones! If you couldn’t tell folks, manufacturers from across the globe are gearing up for 2014. The start of the mobile year is usually marked in celebration with the MWC event in Barcelona. This convention is a place for company’s knee deep in mobile to show ...

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Acer Introduces their First Phablet the Liquid S1

Acer Liquid S1

    Acer introduces its take on the oversized smart phone with the Liquid S1! Anyone use an Acer phone? You may find the company’s products sitting pretty in the form of a laptop, desktop or monitor, however, not many of your peers may use one of the many Acer smart phones, unless of course your peers ...

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The Acer Liquid E1 and Liquid Z2 Are Made Official Ahead of their Debut


The Acer Liquid Z2 and Liquid E1 get official! You may be unfamiliar with Acer’s endeavors into the mobile space, but that shouldn’t hold you back from discovering some pretty awesome new handsets! The Acer Liquid E1 was first unveiled back in January and exposed itself to be a mid range slate style device with ...

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Intel and Acer Team Up Create the Liquid C1 Heads To Southeast Asia

When Intel and Android get together, the outcome can only be awesome right? Currently there are nine smart phones that are running with Intel inside. Most recently Motorola and Intel teamed up to produce two variations of the RAZR i but Intel’s plans on moving into the mobile space did not stop there. Just a ...

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The Award Winning Acer CloudMobile Goes Up for Pre-Order

At some point in your life you more than likely have come across a piece of Acer made hardware. Whether it’s a simple monitor for your PC or a laptop Acer is a well know Components Company across the globe. While their presence in the mobile world is still a bit lacking when compared to ...

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Acer Files the Quad-Core Iconia Tab A110 Tablet in the Affordable Folder

  Acer, you know them. You love them; you have trusted them for years. Acer is a Taiwanese based Hardware Company that has been pumping out amazing computers, monitors and everything in between since 1976. With the recent market push into mobile computing it may seem that Acer did not bit as hard as some of ...

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The Allegro is Acer’s foot in the WP7 Door

As WP7 makes its way into the hearts and minds of end users more manufacturers are making WP7 devices. Hot on the heels of the legendary announcement of WP7 on Nokia devices, it seems that Acer’s first foray into WP7 has become official. The Acer W4 was originally spotted back in June during the Computex ...

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Acer Goes Big with 4.8” Smartphone, 7” and 10.1” Tablets

Acer has just announced three huge, new Android OS powered devices for early 2011. When I say huge, I really mean huge. While Acer has not yet announced the names yet for its new smartphone and two new tablets, it has released plenty of information on them. The smartphone has a 4.8” screen at a resolution of 1024×480 pixels. Full details after the jump!

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Acers Liquid Metal gets a date to dance

Acer is a world renowned laptop maker who is seemingly stepping into the mobile industry. Back in June the Acer “Stream” was spotted and subsequently released with not much of a wave through the industry. So Acer is attempting to through their baby into the wind again with the new Acer Liquid Metal. Up until recently ...

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Acer teaming with Ferrari for Liquid E

Acer is one of the largest producers of computers but is relatively unknown in the smartphone industry. The company may be taking risk, targeting a more specific sector of the market. The sector we are referring to involves fast cars, more specifically the Ferrari. This is not the first time Acer and Ferrari have collaborated ...

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Acer Stream

There just seems to be no end of new players wanting to join the smartphone race. The newest candidate is from Acer, the same company renowned for manufacturing affordable computer systems. Major players in the industry may not be worried about these new players but the added competition should provide consumers with more options. That ...

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